Need a Dedicated Server

Hello There, I am searching for a Dedicated Server for making a VPS Node.

CPU: Intel 8c/16t-12c/24t
RAM: 48GB-64GB DDR4(ECC if available)
Storage: 1 X 128GB SSD SATA
2 X 2TB HDD(if available Ent. HDD)
IPv4 Address: /27(30 Usable)
IPv6 Address: /64 Subnet
Bandwidth: 1Gbps-2Gbps
Traffic: 50TB-Unmetered

My existing VPS node servers are from OVH and Hetzner and others but as you know, OVH has non-existant support and Hetzner recently increased IPv4 prices… so those are not an option. I was also thinking for OneProvider but no luck for /27 or bigger subnets.

Looking for Europe region primarily as it has geolocation response time benefit. Any other with similar configuration and good level of automation and support?

As you already observed /27s are quite hard to come from a number of budget providers. It might be easier to get the IPs (buying or leasing them) separately and then couples with that with a provider who will announce them for you. (usually if you spends $xxx/month they will do this on the house for you).

Another issue is the customizations you are requesting, you might need to either look beyond budget providers (Hivelocity, Limestone Networks, etc etc etc) who might be hook you up OR else colocating these form of hardware.

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Buying only looks the solution as leasing has an expiry date. Also, these 2 would enable only through colocation, not renting servers…

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I second this, just buy your way out and go with a decent/good colocation provider. Then among other things you can install whatever drives (and however many) you want as a result.

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@qps (QuickPacket) While not in Europe, they have multiple locations in USA, west, east. They seem to have /27 and bigger , in the ordering form. These guys are excellent, support response time is good! Maybe open a sales ticket for a test IP?

Thanks for the mention and recommendation @Hxxx. Actually, we have Manchester, UK, but we don’t have anything quite like that available at the moment there. It’s possible that we could order it though. @ankesh do you have a specific model CPU in mind?

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