Namecheap Shared Hosting

So… long story short, BF deal, moved website, it sucks.

Longer version.
I moved the website a few days ago, since then I don’t need a alarm clocks and my phone keeps getting notifications of the website being down.
It’s usually a 1 minute interval so at first I thought they were all false alerts… BUT a few of the time at least, Cloudflare was throwing a 520 error The website, when it comes back up takes a while… to load. So yeah, something is on at namecheap.

I still decided to give them a few days. Today I reached out and provided a 24 report from pingdom, while making myself available to send a reports with a wider date range.

Their reply.

…We checked our reports, indeed, there were some minor technical issues on the server 251 on Dec/14/2018; however, our technical staff noticed the situation and did their best to restore the normal service in the shortest term…

So basically they skimmed my message and missed the part I was available to send them a report with a wider date range, assumed it had started on the 14th, apologized and said it was solved already.

This part was fun.

We encourage our clients to use third-party tools to monitor uptime of sites and they are quite useful in most of the cases, however external monitoring tools usually don’t provide the completely accurate information and have certain amount of false positives. They can’t be used to track server uptime as well, due to their external nature, possible connection issues on the route and inability to pass through certain firewall rules. Whenever you have any concerns regarding the uptime of your server, we recommend you to contact us, we will provide you with the detailed report from our internal monitoring tool which is used on all our shared servers.

So basically they encourage clients to use tools but not to trust said tools. :thinking:

BTW, their “monitoring” in cPanel, shown no errors, every resources well below the treshold.

TLDR: Namecheap shared hosting sucks.


That’s something I experienced with Cloudlinux statistics in Ramnode. Weird but finally they asked me to move out and I did it.

How is your experience with them?

Ontopic: Yep it sucks, I had shared hosting with them for a while. It was really slow, most likely at the time it was running on rust.

A lot of small of downtimes almost every day, first they said there was somebody else abusing the node, then it was me using too much resources (Cloudlinux didn’t say anything).

But when they asked me to move out I realized my site had code injected (even before I move to Ramnode)… so not sure who was the problem.

The support team were very friendly and fast to reply though.

I can get you premium quality shared hosting. Pm me. Namecheap sucks.

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Yeah Namecheap support reps are pretty friendly too, just not a problem solver.

Another fun reply from them.

The issue occurs because CloudFlare could not make a connection to your origin server before the attempts timed out .The cause of the matter may differ.

No shit Sherlock… maybe that’s why I’m reaching out to support…
But I do take the hint that its not necessarily their fault.

In order to check the server work, please use service . You should enter the domain name and the server IP. You will receive a timeout in case the server is down.

Wha this tells me is that the problem is a service, so they know that if I ping the server, it returns fine. And they know it… those sneaky friendly bastar…

Please check it from your side and let us know if we can be of any further assistance.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sure… you are.

If anyone is interested in shared hosting, we’re currently trying to sell off our remaining slots before upgrading to our custom CentminMod solution in the new year :stuck_out_tongue: We have Rail Gun enabled by default for all customers.


Details please :blush:

And is it strictly shared or is there reseller available somewhere?

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Our packages aren’t finalised right now, and all limits are soft limits, meaning they aren’t heavily enforced unless they’re abused. We currently offer manually allocated private shared hosting, though this will all become standardised and automated when our new CentminMod-based panel is released (hopefully by Q2 2019), this is when reseller hosting will also be introduced.

My company is Arcruy, if you would like to try it before buying, just message me and I’ll setup an account for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hostballers are too cheap for that : p

Its their shared (cPanel) hosting service.
There’s not much else to say, seems to me the problem is that their server can’t keep up with all the accounts so the connection often timeout which in practical terms is the same as the server being offline but it doesn’t look as bad cause “it was never offline”.

OOOps: You mean details about @Wolveix service, sorry.

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Please get a new logo or change the colour scheme — it doesn’t look right with gold on a dark shade of grey :confused:

Don’t take it personally — I love criticizing websites. Having said that, there were a few things that bugged me:

For your “about us” page, you might want to correct a few grammatical mistakes:

  • “fine tune the custom built software” (omit ‘the’)
  • “While specialising in web deveopment” (is this the correct usage for while? I’m not sure — someone should verify this)

In your TOS, I found this:

  • "We guarantee a minimum service uptime of 99%. If the uptime of your service drops below 95%, you will be entitled to a 50% refund on that given month. In the case of an uptime below 90%, you will be entitled to a 100% refund on that given month.”

You’re guaranteeing 99% uptime but only offer credits after 95%? That’s like… 36 hours of downtime every year :frowning:

On another note: how did you come up with “Arcruy”? I can’t understahd the etymology behind it lol


Hey man, I always welcome criticism!

I’m not going to get rid of the logo since it’s a staple in the company and personally I’m not against the colour scheme though I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

The height not being equal on those cards was intentional as the button is generally classed as being within the footer, however, I will consider changing this :slight_smile:

Whoops, not sure how the ‘the’ got in there, thanks!

I believe the ‘While’ is still grammatically incorrect, however, this page needs revising anyway so it’ll probably change soon. Similarly, the ToS page needs revising too, thanks for pointing out that error!

Rather than being 90% and 95%, it should read 99% and 99.9%. I’ve made these changes, though due to caching it may not immediately show for you.

Thank you! If you have any other remarks, please message me!

I was trying to come up with a unique name a few years ago and I somewhat gravitated towards the word ‘arc’. Other than that, it’s purely made up :slight_smile: I’ve received various remarks regarding it in the past, but I personally like the name and intend on keeping it.

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It’s a better name than ho-… oh forget it.


Wow — that was quick!

They’re just suggestions, though, so… yeah. Best of luck with your company! :slight_smile:

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I wonder why are you Hosting Provider instead of Ho-osting Provider.


Don’t worry — everyone has to discover their true identity somehow.

The fluorine in the water forced you to change your identity to “Ho-ost” — a name created in honour of the monster that killed himself so quickly because of how hideous it was. (but don’t fret — we can correct your identity with some Jilly juice.)

tl;dr don’t let this “Michael” guy name your company.

/s this was a joke if you haven’t realized already



Hydrogen oxide forming bonds with tetra sulphur oxide

Thus ho-ost


So they pretty much smell like farts?


But that’s exactly why you have external monitoring… server uptime by itself is a completely garbage metric, as it doesn’t reflect network fuck ups.