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We’d like to tell you about our NOC / Support Ticket whitelabel plans.

  • L1, L2 & L3 Support fully covered, including solving any server issues you may need in order to satisfy your clients and sort that tough ticket, as well as direct contact with the Datacenter if needed so you can rest while being ensured that we’ll handle everything for you;
  • Over 15 years of experience in the industry - I’ve also been beta tester for many nice stuff you utilize, e.g: cPanel (beta-tester for the new UI design in WHM), DirectAdmin (superb features we suggested!), SolusVM (way too many thousands of VM’s managed there) and plenty other stuff;
  • We support cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, SolusVM, Virtualizor, Proxmox & OnApp;
  • Cloud Management is also available for AWS, Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure;

Right now, it’s just me providing support for the 10AM-6PM shift (GMT +0), our team will slowly expand, here’s what we have planned for 2020:

  • We’ve rented two offices, a total of 320m2, open space environment that will serve our NOC clients (and a damn nice NOC space you’ll love!) as well as Coworking space, because we damn love supporting local businesses;
  • All employees will be local. No exception. Controlled environment, with tight access to what’s needed to do the job and period;
  • 24/7 Support by the end of the year if all goes well;
  • All employees will be trained by me;
  • Billingual support: Portuguese & English, though we’re also able to read Spanish & Italian;

Our plans start for 200€/mo and include 200 tickets, these are billed per shift, so that’ll be 10AM to 6PM (GMT +0), Mon-Fri. In the future, I hope to expand this to 24/7 as mentioned above.

I have worked for plenty of companies, to name a few:

  • VirMach, for over a year as a L3 Senior System Administrator;
  • Tapatalk, for over 5 years as their Cloud Architect in AWS and Senior Administrator (joined there when we had 2 employees, left when the company was acquired by a giant VC);
  • ServerMania, a few months there, excellent company to work for;
  • tmzVPS;
  • Grindr, for a few months as a Senior System Administrator/Cloud Architect, we managed over 70 people there;
  • HostSolutions (present, as a Senior System Administrator);
  • Superior-Host (present, for a few years already, as a Senior System Administrator);
  • More. Maybe yours?

We hate the back and forth on the tickets. Speedy and effective responses - Hire us.

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Have you thought about a “per ticket” pricing, or “buy 10 tickets” or smth like this for smaller start ups that don’t want to outsource all tickets but only a few selected ones? I don’t often do this, but sometimes I get someone from Upwork to get this done. There’s usually a few ppl I contact and ask them if they’d want to do a per ticket pricing or ask how many tickets they can do in 1 hour by maintaining a high quality. If all’s good, I hire them. Worked good so far, so just reaching out because I really value you as a person :wink:

Right now I don’t have anything ticket worthy anyway, just asking for the future (or for others, y’know) :slight_smile: Should be easy enough to create such a package via WHMCS (1 ticket, 5 tickets, 10 tickets).

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Yeah sure, e.g, a client of ours has around 10 tickets per month and he pays us 50€.

Everything is possible with us, we’re quite flexible! :slight_smile:

We even bill AD-HOC, as needed, pay as you go, depending on the issue’s complexity.

This applies to ticket support, server management and so on.


Sounds great :slight_smile:
So I could technically pm you saying “Hey Miguel, I have some tickets here I can’t finish in time. Can you give me a hand?”

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Yep, you may.

You can even have it forward the tickets to our NOC email and provide us access in advance, then tell us whenever you need us to sort the tickets. Granted that pay per ticket is more expensive than our 200€ plan.
E.g, one clients of ours has 10 tickets, that costs him 50€, though, those are pretty complex. It’s still pretty cheap compared to what he would spend for a skilled SysAdmin to sort it.

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Sounds great! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Sure thing mate, any question feel free to ask!

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Can you give examples (analogous) of the 10 ticket client? As you mentioned they are relatively complex. Just trying to gauge what is possible.



  • WordPress compatibility issues with the latest WooCommerce, where we need to find the strings that the webdeveloper needs to update.
  • High CPU usage for a website that we’d need to track which SQL query is causing it, etc.

It really depends, would be related to the work load, basically, something more complex than what the regular clients report.


Per ticket pricing sounds interesting, especially if it works and then can moved into another “package”.

Can I ask why you picked 10am to 6pm? Is that from previous work as to the busiest times, or just when you’re available.

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I’d imagine simpler tickets (e.g. reinstalling a VPS with a standard OS) would be charged differently then?


It’s just the regular shift we work in Portugal, it’ll expand once we can cover additional shifts.

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Case by case basis. We don’t aim to get lower tier clients, e.g with 10 tickets. Those are exceptions. We’re very flexible, but honestly the 200€/mo plan is a bargain! :slight_smile:

Since that is still only you at the moment

  • How big is your team and how will you prioritize tickets?
  • Will there be new tier when you have load of tickets?
  • What is the optimal dedicated or semi-dedicated L2/L3 support?

Good to see you again actively working.

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Hi mate,

It’s just me for now. Timers in the system we use to receive the email / ticket notifications.

No more tiers, it’s L1 to L3 but if you mean shifts, yep. If you mean balancing the tickets per staff member, yep.

We only do shared support. Works better for the company and it’s growth! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words mate! :+1:

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