[MXroute - Email Hosting] Black Friday 2022

Hey friends,

It’s that time of year again. If you need to get more familiar with MXroute, we are an email hosting provider that tackles the market with a different approach. The main differences fall as sub-points of these two key focuses:

  • Death to “per user” cost.
  • Hyperfocus on outbound delivery quality.

We charge you for an allotment of storage, and you choose how many domains and email addresses you want to stretch that across. We use DirectAdmin to provide you with a basic control panel that you can use to manage your service with us. We also have several great webmail options:

  • Crossbox
  • Afterlogic Pro
  • Roundcube
  • Snappy (Rainloop fork)

We’re proudest of our outbound email system. We go above and beyond to get your email where it needs to go. We have our own network and our own IP addresses. They are militantly monitored and continually adjusted to maximize inbox delivery (as much as we can from our side, at least) at third-party services. If we suspect a recipient rejected your email due to our IP reputation, we try to send it from another IP. If this process continues to fail, we send the mail to our friends at Interserver (mail.baby) to try from their end. If they still fail, they send it over to MailChannels for the last attempts before we bounce it back to you. No one is doing more than we are to get your emails to your recipients, and no email service monitors for abuse as we do. You can sue me over that claim, and I’ll win. It isn’t hubris. Its blood, sweat, and tears.

We, of course, support all of the standard systems:

  • SMTP
  • IMAP
  • POP3
  • SpamAssassin

We won’t stop you from using your protocols that have no direct relation to us:


We’re continually working to improve our service and open-source our work as we go. You can see some of the projects that we use daily in production:



With all of that said, I’d like to present our offers for Black Friday:

Offer 1:
10GB Storage
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Emails
300 outbound per hour (per email)

Offer 2:
25GB Storage
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Emails
300 outbound per hour (per email)

You can always browse our direct Black Friday page here: https://mxroute.blackfriday/

We have some presales documentation that answers the most common questions for new customers:

Existing customers are welcome to order promotions, but they are incompatible with your current service. You would set them up like new, migrate yourself to them through any method you desire, and then cancel your previous service with us. You’re welcome to do it, but we do not provide any automated path or migration assistance to keep promotions sustainable.


Imagine supporting POP3 and IMAP.
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