Multi-User Picture Vault Recommendations?

Hey guys,

I’ve been thinking about hosting some sort of image repo/vault where myself and other family members would all have access to and be able upload their old pictures and scans along with tagging/adding descriptions.

I know my mom has a ton of old pics that she’d love to digitize and organize someplace and something like this would probably give her the motivation to finally do it. Storage space isn’t an issue as I can host it from home on my storage server and open it up for outside access.

Anyone have any software recommendations to make this happen? Self hosted is a must. Open source is preferred, but if I have to buy a license, so be it.

Thanks all!

The closest thing I know of is Chevereto :stuck_out_tongue:


Seen that thrown around a lot, especially when the license is on sale. How’s that handle multiple users, being able to see other peoples’ uploads, viewing/downloading albums, etc?

I believe Nextcloud does have apps for this though I’m not quite sure if they will fit your exact requirements.

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Might work! I’ll look into this as I’ve already got nextcloud installed on my home server for external use

Or Software to Store Photos - #4 by MikeA

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I’ve been using NextCloud for your exact use case for sometime now. Setup accounts for your family members and the whole thing just works. If you have a lot of files you would need a good CPU for NextCloud.

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I wonder if you can restrict login to Pixelfed. Maybe too social media like but it’s interesting.

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Needs to be self-hosted, mate is a good choice!

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Been using Google Photos for family pictures, but curious to hear what you end up going with…

I think you could configure preview generation app, it will save your cpu time.

Also does chevereto free support multi user? Last tome I used it was single user.

Chevereto Free has always supported multiple accounts. It can be configured to use it personal or community, just like the paid edition.


Nice, thanks for the info!

I think I’m going to attempt using Nextcloud as image storage first and evaluate that. If it’s lacking, I’ll check out Chevereto :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions and help, all!

Nice, it would be worth more if it support multiuser…

If I wasn’t clear, it does support multiuser.

You can configure the system for allowing users to self singup and admin can also create users. You can toggle whatever the website is intended to be used by a community of users or just a sole user (like a photographer showcasing its work).

Perhaps you are thinking in multiuser as wordpress mu?


No, I understand now, thank you

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