[Mrvm] - 50% on World Domination

Someone said that this was the place to be and I signed up to see if it was all host and balls…
Well, one out of two ain’t that bad.

I thought I would give you a head start on the current bundle that I offer right now (not posted on any other website).

50% recurring discount on both bundle alternatives as this is my first topic.
(Links available for 5 days or 5 orders per package)

9 NAT locations around the world,
Norway, France, Germany, and Bulgaria in Europe.
Lenoir and Kansas City in the United States.
Sydney, Perth in Australia and the latest addition, Singapore.


  • Virtualizor Powered
  • RAID1 or RAID10 on all locations
  • VPS Control Panel integrated with WHMCS
  • HAProxy support for HTTP and HTTPS (Install your certificate on your container)

1 vCPU
128mb ram
3gb storage
shared IPv4 and either /112 or /80 ipv6
Order link

1 vCPU
256 mb ram
5 gb storage
shared IPv4 and either /112 or /80 ipv6
Order link

Hetzner - Falkenstein, Germany
Looking glass: http://lg-de-fks.mrvm.net/

Telepoint Data Center - Sofia Bulgaria
Looking glass: http://lg-bg-sof.mrvm.net/

TerraHost - Sandefjord, Norway
Looking glass: http://lg-no-san.mrvm.net/

Ikoula - Reims, France
Looking glass: http://lg-fr-rhe.mrvm.net

Nocix - Kansas City, Missouri - USA
Looking glass: http://lg-us-kck.mrvm.net/

Dacentec - Lenoir, North Carolina - USA
Looking glass: http://lg-us-ler.mrvm.net/

Equinix - Sydney, Australia
Looking glass: http://lg-au-syd.mrvm.net

NextDC P1 - Perth, Australia
Looking glass: http://lg-au-per.mrvm.net

Equinix SG3 - Singapore
Looking glass: http://lg-sg-sin.mrvm.net

Questions? Ask me anything and I will reply.


Hm, only 5ms from the location nearest me. Question is what I would need it for… Idle stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:

Some use it for VPN, some use it to attach network storage.

Singapore is OPenVZ7 ( with all the ups and downs included)

Okey. I’m nearest Sandefjord, but could be nice to tinker with some dev-stuff.

If you don’t “need” the other locations, you could get only Sandefjord.

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@mikho - think they’ll be a deeper discount come black friday/cyber monday? I picked up the 4-pack 256 bundle last BF and am debating on getting the 9-pack now, letting the 4-pack expire, or waiting till BF to see what you have in store for us.


why those ns1/ns2?

Really tempting, thanks for sharing

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Because WHMCS.
It is on my todo list to remove but very low priority

Probably not.
I can’t get any lower, I would have to sell with even more loss.

Lowendspirit is a non-profit project and to be honest, many months it doesn’t break even.
Why am I still doing this? Because I like to torture myself and I do have other income to cover the cost.

This is also me learning to be a stable provider, there are other NAT offers out there with less stability, running on single disks etc.

Most of my servers are special deals I make with the providers, like RansomIT, Ikoula and AlphaVPS, Terrahost, Nocix.

Come to think of it, only Hetzner and Dacentec is ”regular” prices from their website.

I am planning for something special on BF but I need my dev to finish some coding for me first.


Got it.
A little offtopic, but the question is still open: why whmcs has those useless fields?

The original code for the order form is probably based on shared/reseller and there you have to have those.

Haven’t looked into it much but I suspect the fields could be hidden in the template.

Someone recently discussed about those fields, it should be easy®

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It is on my todo list.
I had to make some other adjustments to my whmcs install first.

Like the detailed vps information page, with info on external ipv4 and portrange.

And not to forget my hook to adjust the price if you order three or more servers from my NAT range. The get three, pay less hook :slight_smile:

I have now removed the NS boxes on the order form, for your pleasure :wink:


Got the beef, thanks @mikho!



Hope you enjoy it @Mason :slight_smile:

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I just got one of your 128 MB VPSes in Sydney (mainly to use a monitoring node for my other servers, to track ping, HTTP and DNS response times from Australia), and I’m amazed at the performance, particularly disk I/O. Something this cheap shouldn’t be this good. Definitely worth the $4 I spent on it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah… tell me about it


Wow, that’s a lot! I’ve already got six VPSes in total (one BuyVM, two VirMach, one BudgetNode, one FlowVPS and one MrVM), and I feel like even that’s too many. I’ve been tempted to buy one of the MrVM bundles, but I’m not sure what I’d do with so many servers. Luckily the bundles seem to be out of stock, otherwise I may have done it by now :stuck_out_tongue: