More Issues with Nixstats?

Don’t know about you

But i woke this morning to 50 notifications saying my services were offline.

Manually checked all hosts, in which all were online.

There Status Page displays ‘All Services Offline’ yet Dashboard and Node 1 have red displays and unknown on them.

Anyone else?

NIX usually just consumes at least one thread and spinlocks every so often for me…

Haven’t had your issue, though.

Haven’t had any issues, but I only use the server monitoring for a couple of servers and they are all CentOS 7, majority are normal TCP monitoring.

I had an old version of Nixstats spaz on logging and eat up my entire 50GB root directory. I switched to NewRelic’s free server monitoring and never had an issue, until that got shut down… so playing with DO monitoring for stuff there, and everything else I just have some standard external checks in place. Gotta fully implement HetrixTools as well.

Hetrix is nice, but compared to NIX, it’s pretty minimal.

NewRelic server monitor was perfect. RIP :cry:

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Also the used to send t-shirts for free.

Started using hextrixtools yesterday. Until now, it has been working perfectly.


You can even install it on shared hosting (cron job a .php file), it’s pretty good to monitor shared hosting if you use it. Also you can setup notifications on domain renewals, SSL renewals, and a lot of other stuff.


Hey, I’m glad you’re liking it :+1:

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Also switched over today! Very Happy So far!

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Report it to Vincent and he will have a look. We didnt notice any weird behaviour in our end.

After gentle prompting, his damn chat widget doesn’t popover every subpage anymore, either!

Email him :smiley:

I stopped using it, the client is sometimes unpredictable.
In terms of memory usage or CPU usage.

Creating a tiny python script, which sends data to an API is not a big thing:

Sure his has some features which that script not has, but still.
Maybe he should rewrite it, no idea.

@Neoon You were using a monitoring agent that was released in June 2017, about 20 releases behind so if you upgraded your (beta software) agent there would have been no problem.

Anyways if anyone is having issues it’s best to report that directly either by email ([email protected]) or through the live chat.

@WSS I’m still not sure why the chat window kept opening but it seems like it’s not doing that anymore after contacting about this.


Just blame his browser addons. Any answer with an 80% probability rate is good enough for @WSS.

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You really are a snarky bitch sometimes.

Well, I never got an email about critical agent updates or a message on the dashboard when logged in.
Maybe you should tell users, when you have a update available?

I confirm it does show in the dashboard if you have an outdated agent… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, but even when, I am not brothered to patch.

Since, I do only apply patches when there is a need to apply them, like he said above he fixed critical stuff.
But he told no one, so how should I know then?