Monitoring (VPS / Dedi) Advice Wanted

Hi all,

My monitoring server is currently a VM hosted on a OVH server, while this works fine I am thinking about ditching my OVH server and starting again (it’s running ESXi and I want to move to Promox, I’ve had it a number of years and there are cheaper options available, etc).

Before I do my refresh I’d like to move my monitoring server to something “outside” that box. I’ve been thinking about a VPS or Kimsufi KS-1.

Who are the best VPS providers at the moment, who provide good value? I’ve used buyvm in the past as well as a handful of others, I’d definitely want an established host as I don’t want to move it again. Ideally I don’t want to go above the KS-1 price for a VPS.

I need (roughly) the following, 2 cores, 4Gb RAM, 40+Gb HDD.


Has anyone got any experience of ByteHosting?

I would at least say Hetzner.
If you want 4GB VM you will have to pay slightly more than the KS-1, but it should be quite a bit more powerful as well.
I have quite a few VMs at Hetzner, most have 100% uptime (on HetrixTools) the last year, only downtime was my own reboots for kernel upgrades, which were too fast for the monitoring to notice.

Otherwise maybe consider Oracle cloud free tier?
I see many people claim to have had their accounts deleted and such but I’ve had mine for 3 years now without any issues whatsoever.
Also 100% uptime since I deployed my first instance, only interrupted by reboots initiated by me.

Apart from those, the only other providers I have recent experience with (since the start of this year) is Inception Hosting, Terrahost and Misaka.
Inception have been quite stable apart from a node issue last year that was resolved within a day or so.
Terrahost sadly have a quite unstable network, having some brief downtime at least once per month.
Misaka (their Berlin location, purchased with a heavy discount earlier this year when they launched the location) has been very stable as well, no node or network downtime since January.


@Michael I followed the guide below to setup Uptime Kuma for free through :smiley: This powers the status page for HostBalls, as well as for some of my own personal monitoring (from the same instance). You can see the HostBalls monitoring here:


Never head of bytehosting.

I just have a LibreNMS VM on a network that’s outside of my primary operating system and just have it deal with it like that.

Granted I don’t host anything critical and this is good enough for 99.9% of my problems so.

If you really want to go hard out you can probably use a system that has a built-in quorum and a few other bells and whistles but this works well enough for me.

Grabbed a buyvm one in Lux… job done!

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Why not use something like Hetrixtools, BetterUptime or Netdata?
Incident Management & On-call | Better Stack

Very happy with Hetrixtools :slight_smile: