Moderator Application

Hey friends!

We’ll be looking for one moderator for the time being, to help us out a bit. I know that many of you are here that recently spent a lot of time at another community that I ran for a bit, and I’m bringing that up because I want to acknowledge our shared image of what a moderator has been under the same leadership in the recent past. I want to call attention to it so that I can tell you that this role will not be like that at all. We’re going to be taking a different approach here.

There are two ways to view a moderator:

  1. The guard watching the gate.
  2. The greeter at Walmart.

Here, you’ll be the greeter at Walmart. Sure they do some security type work as well, but your first interaction with them is a smile and a hello. Here, you’ll be cultivating a sense of community. You’ll be committed to adding content where you feel inspired, developing relationships with community members, and making sure everyone is treated with the respect they deserve. Sometimes that might include some cleanup, banning a spammer, etc. I’m sure we can work out some kind of compensation, we can talk about that afterward.

I’m going to do two more things that might not be expected. First, I’ll ask that the application be left here in this thread for all to see. Second, I’ll note that though this is public it is not something that members will vote on.

Here is the simple application:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why do you want to be a moderator on HostBalls?
  3. Tell me about a time that you helped someone who was struggling to accomplish their goal.
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Sure, I’ll bite.

  1. My name is Mason (who would’ve ever guessed) hailing from the Philadelphia-area, currently living in New York. I went to University of Delaware for my undergrad in Comp Sci. Currently working full time and taking classes for my Master’s in Comp Eng at Syracuse University (almost done, thank goodness). I’ve been passionate about tech since I was a wee young lad watching my father work on electronics and play with the latest gadgets. While still relatively young compared to many on this and other tech forums, I try to absorb and learn as much as possible while trying to help out others where I can along the way.

  2. I would like to be a moderator on HostBalls because I thoroughly enjoy being a part of a community and helping it grow. I’ve been an admin of several gaming communities (50-200 members at a time) since I was 14 and always took pride in watching the growth of the community take place while doing everything I can to see to that purpose. HostBalls presents a unique opportunity as it’s brand new, is focused on an area that I’ve become very interested in within the past couple years, and has a huge potential to grow and prosper over the next few months/years. Regardless if I get the mod position or not, I will be sticking around and will try to contribute where I can.

  3. (This question just screams “job interview question”. @Jarland, was this pulled from the Q’s you ask DO applicants? :stuck_out_tongue: ) As you may or may not know, starting about a month ago I’ve been running a node with 10 KVM’s given out for free to those who needed a home for their projects or to learn/experiment with. This is my attempt to give back to a community that has helped me learn a great deal in the short time I’ve been there. So far it’s been a rewarding experience as I’ve gotten a glimpse into what a provider deals with on a daily basis (the good and the bad). Naturally a few of the VM owners needed extra help (which is totally fine), whether it be troubleshooting network connectivity, enabling/testing features (e.g. nested virt, tun/tap, etc.), or general program-specific help (e.g. nginx configuration, gitlab ci setups, etc.). Obviously, I’m not making any money for providing this and support for it, but at the same time I enjoy helping others accomplish their personal/non-profit projects.

Thank you for the consideration for moderator. Wishing you and all of the HostBalls community the best! :slight_smile:



Thanks @Mason! I’ve heard all I need to. PM me if you’d like any kind of compensation for this role. I’m sure we could work out something. If monetary it couldn’t be much right now, but I’m sure I could offer services or even money just have to start small thanks to that MailChannels bill coming up :wink: