Minimalistic Theme

For those of you who may prefer a simpler forum layout, we now offer a Minimalistic theme (go to Preferences > Interface > Theme). This doesn’t modify the mobile layout, but it removes some of the clutter within the desktop layout.

Available in Neutral, Light, Dark:


Generally i have started to dislike ‘dark themed’ layouts / views. More to open-colored[‘whited’] layouts.

But the more opsions for the user, the better.

This theme will have variants in the near future :slight_smile:

EDIT: @armandorg you can now select the different variants :slight_smile:

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I’m quite surprised to see a white background around my avatar ?!?

As far as I know, it shows up as transparent in any desktop browser.

Yeah, that was strange to me too. Everyone else’s show correctly, so I wonder why yours isn’t? I’ll do some digging :slight_smile:

EDIT: Looks like it’s because it’s a .gif. I found the source online, converted it to a PNG, then image traced it and uploaded the SVG. Looks good now :sunglasses:

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Minimalistic Light uses white topic text on white background. I challenge you to read that @Wolveix

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Good catch! This should be resolved :stuck_out_tongue: Let me know if it isn’t.

Do you guys also feel way bigger after using this minimalistic theme ?

Nope, I can’t say I’ve felt a difference.

I’m trying to implement that last Zalgo Purple Fruity Pebbles theme which I think is called Ṫ̴̬͙̠͎̫̜̌̒͑͒̽a̸̢̅ͫ̎̈ͩ̔͊̇̊̏͘y̸ͭͭ̓ͨͤͥ̇̉ͬ̀̓͝҉l̹͓͇̍̈́ͪo̸͔̪̗̩̟̣̊̾̌ͩ̇͋r̬͐ (IDK) but I keep getting a popup message saying it’s for Admins only? Has this always been available? Is this a bug or a feature? Did someone hack my balls?

Weird. The Taylor theme is a joke that I created for @Jarland to use and as a prank on the community. It should be entirely selectable and usable by everyone.

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Sounds like someone wants the theme all to themselves. Not surprising given the names involved. It all makes sense now. Actually it doesn’t, but I said it anyways.

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That is just horrible, the most horribiliest of horribliestest design i have ever seen.

Just horrible. Eye-fucking all over

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Here’s some medicine for your eyes. I feel your pain.

Ah, c’mon… it’s tight.

Maybe there’s a better color for the buttons and hovering, like not dark beige / brown.

Faster loading too, as you don’t get 5 user icons in each Last Post row.

CANNOT IMPLEMENT Ṫ̴̬͙̠͎̫̜̌̒͑͒̽a̸̢̅ͫ̎̈ͩ̔͊̇̊̏͘y̸ͭͭ̓ͨͤͥ̇̉ͬ̀̓͝҉l̹͓͇̍̈́ͪo̸͔̪̗̩̟̣̊̾̌ͩ̇͋r̬͐ THEME!! I’ve been trying for 30 mins. Is it because I’m not a handsome Ginger?

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#FFD3RP (Short Bus Yellow)

Put on pants.

We all know where your thoughts are currently :smile:

Ugh. God.

The Neutral version of the theme looks like my blog did nearly 17ish years ago.

Just set the title background color to #545ca1 and it’s almost a tit-for-tat.