Migrating to DirectAdmin

I’m trying to leave cPanel. The license price right now it’s the same, but maybe later I will find the right host with the right price. Fuck cPanel.

According to your experience. Any general recommendations to avoid a catastrophy migrating to DirectAdmin?
For example “don’t change this config or server will explode”.

@Miguel and @MichaelCee are possibly best ones to answer this?

Or @Jarland :stuck_out_tongue:

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Jarland probably sees cPanel as Hillary:

“An old woman who lost, retrying too hard, while being unable to admit her own redundancy.”


Here’s my list of things that didn’t work when migrating:


Some specific to me, a lot weren’t. Really bad ones were autoresponders and mailing lists, and how their entries ported over into the files in /etc/virtual. No one talks about those, but they pipe email to binaries that don’t exist.

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Note to self: don’t open blog.mxroute.com links from HostBalls when using dark theme.



Any experience with nginx-only under DirectAdmin? Does it work flawlesly?