Might find it a good read


I don’t want to instigate any toxicity, but that was actually a bit hard to read.

Anyway, some notable points to discuss:

But is there any way to continue your business without giving WHMCS a bunch of money that in a few years you can buy an expensive car…

To be fair, if you’re spending THAT much on WHMCS’ licensing, you might be better off with a custom solution. (though costs for compliance, development time, maintenance, etc. will probably exceed the cost for WHMCS’ licensing lol)

But why didn’t people choose Blesta instead of WHMCS before? Because it lacked the big community WHMCS has
What about now? Things have changed.

I don’t think the issue has gone away; while I wouldn’t exactly rate WHMCS’ marketplace as “high quality,” (correct me if I’m wrong here) I still have serious doubts regarding Blesta’s 3rd party support reaching parity with that of WHMCS’ community.

You briefly touch on this, but I would argue that the cheaper cost is more of a driver towards its adoption rather than the feature set (contrary to what you argue in the second half of the article).