Microsoft Has Been Working on Getting Xbox One Games to Run Natively on Windows 10

Supposedly they’re nearly there in terms of squashing compatibility-related bugs, though I wouldn’t expect anything crazy too soon as nothing has been officially announced.

This could mean that we’ll be seeing the entire Xbox One library playable on Windows 10 in the near future (it’s highly likely that The Master Chief Collection will be announced for PC at 10PM GMT tonight).

Is anyone else excited? :smile:

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This is pretty cool! Maybe it’ll be done before Rockstar ports Red Dead 2 to PC and I can just pick up the Xbox One version haha

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Old news? I’ve been hearing it for quite a while now. Like for past 6 months?

It’s a good deal nevertheless. The issue is games though. Xbox rarely has games I want. PS4 does though.

Yeah, it’s not exactly new news, I’m bringing it up since Halo: MCC is probably going to be announced for PC tonight and it’s probable that it could be a native Xbox title as opposed to being a W10 version.

I always wanted to play Halo - but have a general distaste for buying specialized hardware like game consoles. Seems I might get a chance now.


As long as I’m not playing call of duty against kids with mouse/keyboard :smiley:


People already do that, no?

I though I heard that some people buy keyboards+mice for their PS4/Xbox One’s and get a clear advantage over everyone else.

I’ve used a mouse and a keyboard since PS3 era.

Anyone expecting else would be really an oldie.

I hope not. Sometimes I even win :smiley:

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If that master collection has multiplayer (especially H2) I’m going to go somewhere dark and I won’t come out for months.


It does indeed!


I’ve been seeing this on the news for a while too. Would be great. I mean I just never can convinve myself to buy a console, as I’ve got my PC hooked up to my TV and play on my couch with a wireless XBOX controller along with Steam BIG PICTURE mode. Just about the same what I’d get with a console just better performance, better graphics, better price per game (g2a…) :stuck_out_tongue:

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