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Hi folks!

This time I’m vouching for a member of ours, whom we bought a switch from, @Michael.

We bought a TP-Link TL-SG2424, we needed this switch to finish all cabling, as we’re expanding quite a bit. We’re a total of 3 in the office, and @Jarland as our business partner in the MXroute.io brand.

Here’s the cabinet, that’s still to organize properly:

And the shiny switch, working flawlessly:

@Michael was outstanding, having took pictures of the switch and parcel, it arrived to Portugal in great conditions. Nothing to report. If you guys need some hardware in the UK / EU, speak to him, but don’t ruin all our biz with him, pls. We need more stuff. <3

Now, time to show off our office, we’re still a small company, founded in December 2015, it’s been 2 years, tough years, but things are running pretty well now and heh… We really had to expand our network cabling and all that…

Our cabling:

And some pictures of our office (it’s quite large for us, 118m2):

Vinyl / Design / Production area:

(P.S: Yes, we ship to EU! So business cards, vinyl, stickers, anything you guys need, let us know.).

We got some MailChannels swag as well…

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures as much as we do! We love our office and we’ve been doing things slowly. There’s plenty of stuff to do yet… But we’ll get there. As a privately-held company, without any sort of loans, it’s not that bad. :smiley:


Looking really good! Glad I could help


Amazing switch! We’re waiting for 2 more SIP phones from another supplier. Definitely looking forward to do more business with you. Incredible experience, better than any other deal I done before :wink:

#OfficePorn :wink: I like

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Always great to see companies growing. :slight_smile:

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We love the open space concept here! :smiley:

Thank you! :smiley:


So, if two monitors is the norm in a third world, and I just upgraded to two…

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I have 3 :grin:

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I’m on to you!

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That is a pretty neat setup @Miguel. Dig the arrangement of desks and the amount of open space you have.

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