Metric ton of databreaches

Troy Hunt released details 2844 new data breaches. Quite the list.


Damn. Thanks for sharing. I should really subscribe to his blog apparently.

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Sadly both his blog and the site are useful / interesting. I’m grateful that someone out their is doing this.

Seemingly my primary email address has been pwned 19 times, my wifes twice and my gmail twice.

4 of my 6 passwords (before I swapped to Lastpass and generating complex ones) have been compromised, and one of my wifes has.

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The downside of not using disposable email aliases.

To be fair the email address is 16 years old and has been used for countless signups over the years.

@Jarland ???

… what?


I’m REALLY curious what you were trying to flag.

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Maybe searched me in the dumps :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll sign up for literally anything and everything, my name runs through these compromises like taco bell runs through my body.


Yeah my general email that I use for signing up for random crap has been “pwned” like 13 times, good thing I use unique passwords for anything that matters :man_shrugging:


2FA etc :smile: