Members Donating Services to Other Members

Is anyone up to donate services to other members?

I’m up to donate time to active members.

As a starter, if any of you need to;

  • check you rankings
  • profile your website backlinks (and competitors as long as they are not an active member)
  • Audit your website for errors.

Shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to do it for you.

Anyone else up for donating time, services?

Maybe this would help growing HB😀

You can find the official list here: 🎁 Free Community-Provided Services


I dig this idea! Can probably come up with a few things I could contribute myself – will update later

1 Like was posted here a long time ago now but didn’t get much activity compared to LET. As far as I can tell there’s still a bunch of space on the node that I donate :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I was inactive since a while at NanoKVM, not much happend there in the past weeks.
The encryption made things we wanted to implement nearly impossible.

You really need to renew that cert…
…what’s stopping you?

Awesome, maybe I could edit this topic to start a list of who’s donating what.
Or maybe have this list on its own a sticky topic? @Jarland @Wolveix

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Well, I went away from providing people with free services.
I rather do develop tools like novaDedi, which can people use for free instead of services.

Like Fireflygaming, the idea was not bad, but the result was bad.
10-16 Year old people, not reading anything, ddos the project on weekly basis, it had to be killed.

Some projects work well, but I should had seen it coming at FireFlygaming.
At NanoKVM, its basically a panel I created 6 months ago, which encrypts everything.

Which is bad, for new features but good for the security, adding features like one click reinstall which is really essential would break the hole encryption.
It would need to be implemented far more complex then it is in other panels.

Additionally we lost one location, and then we I had a few problems with Zen, so yea at the end I lost the interest in it.

I am not a Person that likes to do support, for some reason, since costumers are often complicated and I do the support for free. If I would take money for it, I would pay my soul for the damages.

Do Not get me wrong, not everyone is like that, but just check the LET thread, and read how many people ignore simple stuff.

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Maybe use this for new submissions or ideas etc. and then have a separate locked topic which lists the services? It’ll probably help to keep things organised.

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Sounds good to me.

A topic listing what’s being donated, and who to contact via PM. To keep the topic clean with just one post?
Meaning it would have to be a mod, admin to keep it updated (I guess)

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Yeah, that was the idea! Ideally it would all be a single topic, however, it might get a bit confusing? Either way, I think it’ll be a great addition to the community.

I totally understand you. AND novaDedi is a contribution of your own time and skills, so you are already donating.
Me on the other hand, I’m a beggar around here so I wanna pay forward :slight_smile:

What about something like;

Below is a list of services provided for free by members of the community to other members of this community.
In order to be eligible to partake of this community services, you need to be an active member, with over X non spammy posts.

If you interested in any of the community services, please consult the list below and PM the members providing the service you are interest into.

Happy ball hugging.

Service Name
Provided by Member, Member, Member

Service Name
Provided by Member

Service Name
Provided by Member, Member, Member, Member

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Looks great! I’ll create the topic in a minute :slight_smile:

Whoever is providing this service, feel free to PM me


I’d prefer a public hugging. It’s a pride thing.

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Literally the worst

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Can confirm. My son is 12.


I have spare storage available on a Hetzner server in Falkenstein, would somebody be interested? The server comes with a 1Gbps port, disks are on (soft) RAID1.

I can spin up a LXC container per user, with a dedicated IPv6. I’ll only enable SFTP, rsync & borgbackup (and a few other commands, kinda like It would be your job to encrypt the data :slight_smile:


A board full of IT guys…
…anyone willing to offer setting up a system? specific systems… or an aspect of, like “set the default security for a box” or “setting up offsite backups” or “install webmin” or “install nginx” that kinds of stuff…

Do you mind if I add that to the list? :slight_smile:

I think the issue with the suggestions you’ve listed is that they’re incredibly easy and simple for anyone to do with just a quick Google search (if that’s really necessary).

I’d happily help setup Proxmox for people etc. as I know how much of a pain in the arse it can be if you’re restricted to one IP address and don’t have much experience with bridges.