Matrix and Element Install Guide

I’ve seen Matrix and Element mentioned a few times around here.

So here is a docker setup guide for anyone wanting to quickly run their own federated messaging server :slight_smile:

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I love my matrix server, and Element has taken over as the messaging app of choice. Now even when it’s just me and the wife texting back and forth, I own the data.

When we all fully realize how they all intend to use our data against us, it’ll be too late.


Yep, been running my homeserver for 2 years. Mostly just me, my gf and my son. I join some federated rooms now and again, but I have dedicated channels for memes, a group for all of us, her and I and her and my son have their own chat. It’s dope.

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Bumping this, but has anyone managed to get video calling to work properly with Matrix? It’s the only thing stopping me from totally ditching WhatsApp.

Yes I have video calling working, and I use it everyday. Hint: CoTurn server

Nice guide, but it recommends installing UFW along with docker. I thought that UFW and docker’s iptables rules did not play well together.

That is, I believe UFW’s rules came AFTER docker’s, which reduces its effectiveness somewhat. I’ve been cobbling together my own iptables script to take the place of UFW everwhere I have docker installed.

Anyone else know more about this?

P.S. Spent awhile going through that guide and others to get my own matrix / element setup going yesterday. Very nice. :slight_smile: Working on video next.