Marketing Automation - Alternative?

Do you know good alternatives to I want to build a workflow/path for users. Similar to this:

I know but it works with lists. I want to start campaigns when a contact triggers an event.

Another one is Agile CRM.

Personally, i’d advice


compare all here :

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have a look at the free e-learning training (left column)

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Active Campaign looks good. BPM looks really expensive.

Thank you!

Yeah, must always start with an email. The only two triggers is open or clicked on a link withi the email.

But it makes sense, cause snovio doesn’t know what’s happening outside the platform. So in your example it would need to be triggered by shoppify…

Whoever… I guess that is Snovio added Zapier or web hooks… that would be nice.

Maybe it’s doable with AutoKlose

Lemlist also has Zapier…

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