Managed WordPress Hosting

Heya everyone,

i’m wondering if any of you use Managed WordPress services.
If you do, which one.
what you like about it.
what services in includes
What you’d like it to include.


Only self-hosted, but Kinsta looks interesting.

I was always tempted to try Kinsta. Never did, though.


@imok @Ympker

Kinsta is great, but at that price point, I expect more than what they offer.
The minimum plan for an e-commerce site is the $100 plan. And that’s to start with.

Their $30 and $60 plans are for the simplest of sites. There are also some quirks, like plugins, that they do not allow. And to use a well-known plugin, Wordfence, you need to ask their support to make a change on their end, which they do happily and quickly. That might happen with other plugins, too, IDK.

that said, their support is great.
Actually, thinking about it, Kinsta is probably the only Wordpress hosting i’d refer people to. Granted the budget fits.

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Thanks for sharing this mate :slight_smile:
Yeah, I always thought, they were really on the higher end, overall. That being said, I usually charge about 20€/hour for my Web Design/Wordpress services. My clients that want their WordPress install managed usually prepay some 10 hours and these hours can be dedicated to anything they want, basically. Updates/Security Hardening/Change in website design/layout, setup of xyz, change this/that… I don’t usually host them anymore, though. I refer them to All-Inkl or IONOS since I don’t want to be called for EVERY single problem and both offer a 24/7 support hotline/chat and a fairly well performing web hosting. Sure, I could put them on a highly performant Ramnode Reseller or HM but these days, and with little time, I am happy to leave hosting and backups to another party and focus on doing what I love most :slight_smile:

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We have a shopify and paying less than 100 euros for woocommerce with kinsta It does not make any sense. Neither financially.neither security neither time management etc

Shopify can get expensive over time as you add more features to it (apps).
you can do more with WooCommerce for less. Whoever, Kinsta is not cheap that’s for sure. But again, my experience with their support is very positive.

But it comes down to your needs… I guess. BigCommerce is also a great platform.

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Did you use Shopify free: Terms and conditions generator, Privacy policy generator, and Refund policy generator?

I wonder how good they are…

I’ve used Termageddon and Iubenda. If someone’s interested, use the links below to get a 10% discount.


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I agree with you but we are dentists and friends so no IT people and we prefer to receive money and not make it complicated and not worry about vulnerabilities etc. Sure kinsta could help you but my personal opinion is that shopify is on another level and making it easy and safe for people like us . Yes it depends from the people and needs. Shopify is not expensive the apps plugins are pretty expensive

No we have used a lawyers advices respect the page . So everything is done by them and checked with another lawyer so everything should be all right. Thanks for the suggestion and the links! Eurovision related nice song 12 points from Spain to Portugaaaal

that’s the safest way. Services like Termageddon and Iubenda are great but having a lawyer writting it for you is better.

Althought Iubenda is more than a doc generator, a whole different level to Termageddon. The later I only refer to people outside the EU.

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For my website (and usually also client sites) I used the services of a german law firm (their english website is kinda incomplete though; usually I use their .de domain).


Cool Ympker in which price range aproximately their pricing is moving. ( i mean 100 200 500 euros? Obviously it depends from what should done but just to bear in mind) You know better invest in lawyers than paying lot of money afterwards. I guess the german law is pretty more strict so may be better option

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Yeah, they are pretty flexible :slight_smile:
You can either inquire with them directly (email, live chat, phone) and ask for a quote, or use their “eshop” where they offer various flat-priced services.

Usually I order their GDPR Privacy Policy (German version) for a flat price of 100€. You answer some questions (tick boxes like in a generator) but also have a custom field where you can add anything that should appear that is not covered by the checkboxes they provide (e.g. if I use a WordPress plugin on client’s site I link it and they will research what data it collects and put it in privacy policy; e.g. marketing plugins). So it looks a bit like a generator but is actually drafted by hand. They deliver it usually in 1-2 weeks :slight_smile:

As a comparison they also offer a flat price for Terms&Conditions for offering Webhosting services (1450€).

I like it because when I order smth for a client I can always give them a call or chat up on live chat or mail to ask smth about the order or check if smth can be added :slight_smile:

And yes, law can be especially strict in Germany. But privacy policies need to be GDPR compliant in all of EU now, so you could probably also order it for any other EU country (although local law may differ a bit). They also offer some Spanish legal documents/services, so they definitely seem to have a team member who is versed in using Spanish, too :slight_smile:

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