Mailgun Changes

Mailgun is adjusting our plans and pricing to more accurately reflect the value users get from the service and to make room for some great new deliverability features we just released. Although you haven’t sent through Mailgun in a while, we wanted to keep you in the loop.

Throughout 2019, we were hard at work adding and improving our email capabilities and optimizing our support to help your business grow. While many of these updates were made behind the scenes, the truth is that Mailgun can do a lot more than it could two years ago when we last updated our plans.

What’s changing with the Flex plan?
Flex offers you the same pay-per-use model you were used to on the Concept plan. The main differences are that we are no longer offering 10,000 free emails or 100 free validations per month, and our support options now include limited ticket support as well as enhanced self-service Q&As so you can find answers faster. Additionally, while your existing routes will still be functional, new routes will not be supported on this plan.

What other options do I have?
We have several other plans available with additional features and service levels, including a new subscription plan called Foundation that starts at $35 per month. This plan provides access to new deliverability tools like Inbox Placement so you can effortlessly increase your deliverability and email ROI.

Looking for validations, inbound routing, or more support? Foundation is a great starter plan.

The Mailgun Team

Interesting. Hopefully they don’t axe my account which is on the “Free” plan. I think I was grandfathered into it, because I don’t even seen the Free plan listed anymore anywhere on their site. And while checking my account for the first time in at least a year, it seems they disabled the ability to add custom domains if you’re on this plan and can only deliver to “authorized” accounts (up to 5).

Thankfully, they didn’t touch the couple custom domains that I already have in there and I can still deliver to whoever I want with these domains. If they ever did discontinue my free stuff and/or forcibly remove my custom domains, then I’d just move the rest of my domains to my mxroute account (which I haven’t done quite yet out of pure laziness).

The times they are a-changin’.

Migrate to my own relay using MailChannels, period.

I was using mailgun to forward mails to my gmail account. Is there any alternative out there?

MXRoute :wink:


They not allow mail forwarding to gmail afaik :worried:

I’m on their concept plan with 10k emails per month and added a domain like two weeks ago. Their plans confuse me. They have a free plan, “flex” plan and “concept” plan?

Maybe don’t forward to GMail? :wink:

Not sure it’s disallowed, but it’s not without problems. Safer to read/import to GMail using POP3, then …

Sure. PM me.

Hopefully Gmail won’t block MailChannels. :blush: