MailChimp being banned from Slickstack, any others?

Who else is banning MailChimp from DevOps tools and hosting panels? They went WAY too far in banning random political parties and bloggers for stupid personal reasons, seems people are finally pushing back… why does a email newsletter think they are so special or has some monopoly anyways??

Banned already from Mailchimp among 10000 others

  • Infowars (now Amazon runs their email, great move Mailchimp)
  • Gavin from VICE
  • Some women health blogger Emma Love
  • Tea Party of North Virginia
  • so many others

Who is going to trust their infra to some activists from far left companies anymore, these IaaS should be as political neutral as possible but they are so stupid really

Newsletter infra is so easy to copy and make a new one esp with clouds so cheap already. Stupid.

@ChrisM , Have fun.

If anyone sees a post missing I think we can all agree that “stop crying about it” qualifies for the “don’t be a dick” rule.


I saw it, but I don’t miss it.

I sympathize incredibly, more than most. Me being a person still a bit scarred by the things I witnessed leading up to leaving a company I loved and treated like my own baby, because it had been overrun by these types and they broke me the day I had to sit in my public facing role and prepare my statements to defend deplatforming Alex Jones. I don’t even like Alex but the reasons were made up, the evidence of it zero. It was a coordinated political hit.

I say that to set you up to understand that it personally weighs on me to not allow this thread to play out.

I’ll leave your message intact, but you called out the reason and the side, and you took a shot. I may even like the shot you took, but I don’t want a political sparring match here. This is the place where we try our best, fail as we sometimes might, to leave our baggage at the door and be friends. It’s hard, especially this year.