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In a world of email-borne threats, all SMBs want to maximize their email security. Whether your hosting customers are currently facing email security challenges or feel like their security is fine, you can improve their security and satisfaction with a new service from MailChannels.

MailChannels Inbound Email Filtering is a new cloud service that detects and blocks spam, phishing, and malware before it hits the customer’s inbox. Optimized for web hosting providers, this new service uses the latest machine learning technology to deliver amazing accuracy, all while making end customers happy with a cutting-edge user experience. Lightning fast support ensures your satisfaction, and enables you to get on with the important work of growing your own hosting business.

Mailchannels Full Announcement

@Jarland are you gonna add it to Mxroute?

Interested in the pricing. Per cPanel account? Per mailbox? Per server? Per X emails filtered?

I believe it’s per-domain, I think is offering it @Miguel - but it’s manual setup or something because there’s no API for it yet, or they haven’t integrated it yet. I doubt @Jarland would add it in if it’s per-domain.

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It’s rough for hosting providers to offer it “for free”. But I see it happening as an addon

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@Harambe @vovler

Yep, just peeked Mailchannels pricing.

What is the pricing for Inbound Email Filtering?
We price on a per domain basis. The more domains you have filtered with us, the lower the cost per domain. Let us know how many domains you support, and a MailChannels representative will get back to you with pricing information.

1 Like pricing from their email:

We will have several packages, here are a few:

10 domains, unlimited email accounts - 7 EUR per month;

30 domains, unlimited email accounts - 20 EUR per month;

50 domains, unlimited email accounts - 40 EUR per month;

100 domains, unlimited email accounts - 70 EUR per month;

500 domains, unlimited email accounts - 300 EUR per month;

1000 domains, unlimited email accounts - 500 EUR per month;

2000 domains, unlimited email accounts - 900 EUR per month;

5000 domains, unlimited email accounts - 2000 EUR per month;

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Definitely won’t be offering from my side of the fence. I really don’t like per domain pricing.

I think it’s only outbound.

SMTP Relay / Outbound SPAM Filtering

@Miguel can you clear this up?

Yeah, doesn’t make much sense to pay per domain while a user can have multiple domains eating up your margin.

Maybe Mailchannels have a different proposal for partners like Mxroute.

This was from the email announcing the inbound product. Outbound has no per-domain cost, you just pay for a certain number of monthly emails sent.

I don’t understand. Aren’t you

.com - @Miguel is .io

Thanks! that’s clear it.

Just saw the TOS:

Revision date: December 5, 2017 is a product of Jarland Donnell and WNDP - WebNegócio Lda.

“from my side of the fence” was referring to the .com, email hosting service.

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Hi guys!

Honestly it was a bit too early for us to announce the inbound spam filtering before we could make it happen, reseller wise. The reseller api/system is being reworked, and all inbound accounts and its domains require manual effort. As you can imagine, this is not the ideal scenario. However, there will be news soon. MailChannels team is on it.

I confirm that its billed per domain. I am not sure how much yet. I did announce a preliminary price but ended up not accepting orders because the resellers cannot offer it yet.

Now, as per my tests, the inbound service does work well. Needs to be developed further, which is what is going on behind the scenes.

Once again, my apologies for announcing it too soon, I guess I have been too excited with the new features. My fault!

On paper and legally is a owned by another entity. Jarland has helped us growing since its very beginning, we ended up having Jarland as a client.
Would I do close to everything for Jarland? Sure I would.


I have approximate per domain pricing from their support team back along, unsure if I can post it here though :stuck_out_tongue:

It depends on the number of domains.

Sure go ahead!

They told me ~200 domains was $0.30/domain/m

(I think, not at work today!)