Mail Relay Service for Inbound and Outbound mail

Are there any good mail relay services for both inbound and outbound mail? I’d like virus filtering etc on my inbound and my mailserver to not be visible to possible attackers. For my outbound I would want some delivery guarantees.

m x r o u t e ?


Mailcheap is better relay service than MXroute. I’ll have a pure relay service but it’s still a little further out, the frontend I wanted to use fell apart when tested against desired functionality.

Does anyone know on this product line - do I also have to purchase the SMTP relay service or does this do that as well?

This is separate. You would add domains to it manually and basically say “domain.tld routes to server1.mydomain.tld” and it would filter inbound for that domain, then deliver to server1.mydomain.tld.

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Heheheh I open another topic that is so old again.

I am planning to use a mail relay few of my machines.
I wonder do every provider needs a domain verification because some are able to send it like this :

From: [email protected] via

I would love to use it so I don’t need to ask every customer to verify their domain.

Also what are the bests value service out there in 2021 this time. As I can’t use Amazon SES for this one :confused:

The ones that market themselves as transactional services pretty much all require it. Mailcheap, mailchannels, spamwall, no such requirements.

Spamwall has been quite good to me. If an email fails delivery from all of our IP ranges we’re using Spamwall as the last attempt, also works as a great place to inspect a queue for junk getting through filters that never should have attempted delivery.

Mhmm so it’s not really possible without domain verification?
Mailcheap said it was not possible at all yet.

I saw there was once :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah… I would need a service like that to not have to check the IP reputation all the time on the plesk machines.

I’ll launch a pure relay service soon.


Still waiting :star_struck:


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: I am ready too!

Let me know when you have something ready :cowboy_hat_face:

Has anyone tried ?

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From what I read from let it is mailchannels. After more reading it looks like own ip and fallback to mailchannels.

Looks like it’s based on FreeBSD and uses rspamd/clamav. Indeed it also seems they have fallback to MailChannels.

How about SMTP2Go?
Planning on testing the free tier.


I have used smtp2go for outbound mail for my personal domains and it works well. I think it is 1000 outbound a month with some other restrictions. We also use it at work for automated shipping notices, copy/scan machines, etc. Their support has been very good as well.

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I’m using it, and it’s working well.

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Thanks, I also created an account and configured a few cPanel servers to relay mail through
So far so good.