Mail Relay Service for Inbound and Outbound mail


Are there any good mail relay services for both inbound and outbound mail? I’d like virus filtering etc on my inbound and my mailserver to not be visible to possible attackers. For my outbound I would want some delivery guarantees.


m x r o u t e ?




Mailcheap is better relay service than MXroute. I’ll have a pure relay service but it’s still a little further out, the frontend I wanted to use fell apart when tested against desired functionality.


Does anyone know on this product line - do I also have to purchase the SMTP relay service or does this do that as well?


This is separate. You would add domains to it manually and basically say “domain.tld routes to server1.mydomain.tld” and it would filter inbound for that domain, then deliver to server1.mydomain.tld.