M2 drive not showing in Boot Menu

So, I cloned my old M2 drive ( Win10 was on it) to a new M2 drive using Clonezilla and everything worked fine when cloning (old and new drive are GPT).
However, when booting the new M2 drive won’t show up as an option in Asus UEFI Bios (B450 Plus Gaming).
Any idea?

Removed M2 and installed it again, now it’s recognised, but Windows 10 automatically goes to system repair mode and won’t boot. Automatic repair and sfc /scannow didn’t yield any results, so I guess I might need to enable boot from GPT in bios as this might be the case for the OS not showing? Or would this not be relevant, because it detects that there is Windows, but it goes straight to system repair mode?

Edit: nvm, reinstalled fresh windows and restored backups. Need to configure some stuff like outlook, steam again, but a fresh start isn’t bad either.