Low Ping System


I want to ask a question about the ping system. For example, we have 2 vps servers. France and Canada. Our website is located in Canada. Users are logged in from France. Can we somehow redirect the location server to Canada to make the pings appear lower? (France). Proxies also appear as users’ ip addresses as proxies. Is there a system that shows this as normal ip addresses? Or are there systems like this? I hope I explained it correctly

I think you want to set up a reverse proxy on France that points to Canada, and set the DNS to respond to the France server IP when users on France is connecting? This is possible, and what Cloudflare (or many other CDN/Proxy providers) are doing. If you have your own servers, you can use proxy_pass in NGiNX and also return the original IP on the header.

How can I do it via cloudflare?

You need a Pro account or buisness.

There are multiple ways we call it often Geo routing.


reverse proxy
or as the Italians say
prossimo server

Nginx or Varnish.

Problem to solve will be the DNS: you want to redirect your visitors to the closest node. Amazon Route 53 is probably the cheapest option (and you can do a CNAME and use it for several domains if they use the same IPs). I don’t know of other good GeoDNS options, but if you guys have recommendations that would be welcome. DIY setup would be possible as well, using cheap yearly VMs but with a small budget it’s hard to provide Anycast DNS…

http://www.geoscaling.com/ ? :slight_smile:
(Or some of the others mentioned in this thread, maybe?)

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