Looking for SSD Web hosting. Any reliable providers?

Hi guys, I am looking for web hosting specifically for a website of mine.
My website is currently taking up 18GB of space, and I’d like to have SSD hosting as well. The location of the server should be in the US. The budget is around $10 per month tops. So which specific provider/plan would you recommend for this?

You have a lot of options because 18GB is sort of large but not large enough to raise eyebrows at the “unlimited” providers.

Years ago, one of my family members had a 35GB static site that I was rotating through intro offers at the largest providers like BlueHost, HostGator, and DreamHost. None of them had any issues.

You could go with one of the lifetime offers that @Miguel posted here: MyW - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY - LIFETIME OFFERS! Shared/Reseller Hosting, DE, LA and SG!

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Thank you for the commendation mate!

I appreciate it :-).

We’d be happy to host the websites for sure!

Is the Canada location okay for you?
Our web hosting services are starting from $3.95/month, our EverCloud Plus package will be suitable for your shared requirement.

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Have a look at services from qhoster.com and hostsailor.com.
I always recommend them. Currently, my company is with them too. They have been great tools for us, we host several pages for different customers and they’re happy so we’re happy.

Host Sailor is paying for spam now? That’s disappointing.

Have a look at plans from hostingsource and qhoster.
They are cheap, reliable and trustworthy.