Looking for HTML Builder

Does anyone know of a paid or free software that would allow me to build quick one page html sites.

I have a lot of projects that need a landing page, but writing the HTML is tedious for a simple site.

Basically I want it to generate something that looks good for very simple sites.

Please and thank you.

I think he try a lot.
I personally like bootstrap studio


Netscape Navigator 4.04

Microsoft Frontpage

Claris Home Page

Contradicting statement. Learn Bootstrap and/or rip the sample sites and make a base platform to which you can use and get a head start for creating other websites.

My personal favourite anong them has been Mobirise. Free version is quick and intuitive :slight_smile:


You may also have a look at Novibuilder or Architect HTML builder. Perhaps Pinegrow.


+1 on Mobirise. Mostly should be sufficient for normal landing page.

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This is a great discussion, thanks! :slight_smile:

@WSS @FAT32 You two… get a room.

I totally grabbed this because it looks awesome.

Actually it isn’t. Spending the time to get the site looking nice even for a simple one can be a bit tedious when using a text editor like VS Code. I wanted to save myself time and allow me to spin up the pages faster. Instead of writing and configuring the CSS on how I want it to look.

@anon40039896 You join up with @WSS and @FAT32 they probably need a third person by now…

Awesome thank you!

+1 you too~

Thanks, I like getting those helpful threads going.


A macOS alternative might be Blocs

FAT32 would get formatted to Amiga FFS


That’s too old for me, FrontPage is the first HTML builder I have used. And I hosted it on a free hosting site (I think I hosted it on 50webs)

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You’d probably need to load IDEFix96.lha then.

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I tried but no, think i keep my CP/M on my 5.25" floppies then.

You really should have bought that Smith Corona with DOS filesystem support.

Wouldn’t run on my IBM 370, the 23FD can’t read it

Should have gone with the VAXStation 3100; you could have complied NetBSD over NFS and added support.

Think I will go dutch and install either Nixos, SolydK or Minix :wink:

ok, back to the subject… a HTML Builder

how about Aptana ?

it’s FOSS