Looking for Externally Hosted Form System

Time for me to request the collective knowledge of the HostBalls community again!

I’m looking for a fully drag and drop, externally hosted form system that allows four main elements:

  1. Logic processing - i.e. page/question skipping based on previous selection.
  2. Ability to add lines - i.e. in a table it should have “Quantity - Item - Unit of Measure” then have a “+ line” button under it that duplicates the row as many times as required so users can enter more items.
  3. Data validation - i.e. this box can only be X numbers in length, only numbers no text.
  4. Ability to email a copy of the submitted form in full (ideally as a PDF) to the form fillers email address that is defined in the form.

I have tried Survey Monkey but it doesn’t have option 2, 3 (partial) or 4. I have tried googling and have found a few alternatives but they all lack one of the above requirements.

This is for work, so a paid option is not off the table but should be less than $100 a month and it HAS to be a hosted service, no self-hosting (don’t ask!).

I know you guys (and girls… is there any girls?) have some great knowledge, so that’s why I’m asking here! Thanks in advance for any help.

p.s. wasn’t sure if to post this as a separate thread and I didn’t because it’s not hosting related as such so maybe doesn’t fit the theme of HB but feel free to split if it’s a bit much for The Ball Pit.

Google forms maybe?



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Sorry, I forgot to say, it cant be Google Forms because our IT people will shit themselves! I work for a government agency and you can’t even log into a Google account at work because it’s blocked. Thanks for the suggestion though!


I saw this on Google and it seemed to be the best of the bunch - have you any personal experience with it and do you know if it fits all the requirements before I jump into it? Thanks :slight_smile:

…yet you’re looking for an outsource service for this.


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Ha, I completely understand both of your reactions. I obviously cant go into much detail, all I can say is I’m not paid to have an opinion on our strategic approach (though of course I have one), I am just paid to impliment solutions.

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Maybe https://www.typeform.com?

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Thank you @anon40039896 and @javi_staging4hosters for the suggestions. I looked into both and went with JotForm in the end as they had an integration with one of our key systems already prepped so it saved us some time.

Appreciate all the help from all though! Thanks!

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