Looking for dedicated server in USA

I need something similar to what I have now:

  • E3 @ 3.3 GHz or better
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 2x 512GB SSD
  • /29
  • 5TB+ @ 1gbps
  • Dallas or Miami preferred, somewhere else in USA would be fine too.
  • cPanel VPS license for 30 accounts (if possible).

My current price is $75 (including cPanel). So I’m looking for something around that.

Have a great day!

Doesn’t hivelocity have some deals with Cpanel ?
Also maybe reliablesite but I am not sure about anything Cpanel and their prices.

Reach out to Jose from Tailor Made Servers yet? He has interesting clearance servers every now and then.

If you want 100% uptime I recommend Limestone Network. We have 5 servers from them for 5 years now going 6 this December.
They have 100% uptime so far excluding my manual reboots.
Here is my aff link. They have a sale now for use this coupon LSN65OFF limited stock only.

If you want a cheaper one how about SSDBLaze .
I personally tried them for around 3 months but I went back to limestone when I got a coupon on their fast deploy server. I recommend SSDBlaze. Here is my aff link (again) if you won’t mind.

I already have Hivelocity, and it’s out of my budget for new deployments. cPanel license will be in use until January o February, until I migrate to Direct Admin.

Interesting. I’ve heard of them before but nothing else. How good is the support?

I have a bad experience with them but years ago. I wrote something to the support team and replied some weird unrelated stuff.

Oh! I see it, too bad. So far I no issue with them. The support is fast before Covid-19. Before they took 15-30 minutes to reply on tickets but during this pandemic, it was tripled. So far the servers are all good. 100% uptime so far. I only open tickets when payments are delayed.

Was pretty good for the short while that I was a customer. Unfortunately had to migrate away since I underestimated my bandwidth needs.

Haven’t seen Jose around in awhile, but I’ll try tagging him anyway, @TMSJoseQ

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30 accounts - you mean the VPS license ?

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Howdy. I’m always happy to chime in. Any questions about our service?

The 30 account cPanel license does not exist for dedicated servers though. That’s only for VPS. Dedicateds start at 100 accounts.

With their current pricing, we list those between $28-$32 depending on which server is ordered. Which means the server the OP is looking for would have to be in the $43-$47 price range and that makes it a bit difficult though not impossible.

We can probably do an E3-1270v3 at that price.


Yes, my cPanel server is a small VPS.

Thank you for your recommendations.

I grabbed a server from Tailor Made Servers @TMSJoseQ


:open_mouth: did @Jarland start a new brand?


Lol. Sorry for the error.

Just ask what @Jarland’s latest server is named … :wink:

It is not taylorfeet right?

We had a prior [imaginary] partnership with Taylor Swift that ended abruptly and we realized the Y was I.

We’ve always been TMS though. :wink: