Looking For DDoS Protected VPS


We are looking for a provider with good Uptime and DDoS Protection.

Please send Uptime image in Comments or private message

Our preference is to have Discord or Whatsapp support

Our choice is OVH Game (France or Germany)

We will install Teamspeak.

Features we are looking for :

1-2GB Ram
1-2 Cpu
DDoS Protected
High uptime

If OVH Game will provide it, it would be better if we can allow Ports through their Site (For TeamSpeak)

I haven’t seen a whole lot of providers use Discord or Whatsapp for direct support. Iirc most providers use a ticket system to get this resolved (I think real-time chat-based support is one of the worst solutions out there on the tech’s side).

Any particular location you’re keen on?

There are always decent options like BuyVM (with their DDoS Protection IP), and other providers out here with DDoS Protection hardware should be good enough.

Regarding OVH, my experience with them has always been that their VPS lineup isn’t very reliable or good enough. Their public cloud offering is significantly more reliable and has better DDoS protection logic behind it. Basically, their public cloud offering costs more but directs all traffic through their DDoS protection network vs their VPS line detects DDoS and then routes your traffic through their DDoS protection network after a few seconds.

OVH’s Game offerings are pretty decent/great but I feel like they’re overpowered for what you need.

If you want CONUS, then I know NFOServers has pretty decent DDoS Protection tech (and are used to hosting Teamspeak/Mumble/Game servers).