Looking for cheap shared hosting

Hello everyone!

It’s that time of year again where I have a crap ton of payments for VPSes, VPNs and etcetera. My only remaining shared plan is with NC (and ImpactShared), but $45/year is quite steep for what it is.

That said, my requirements are quite flexible:

  • roughly 10 GB of space (HDD/SSD is fine)
  • 100 GB of BW or more per month

My only real requirement is that it costs less than Namecheap’s pricing :slight_smile:


Sounds like something @MichaelCee can set you with.

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Namecheap (for my currency at least) is £2.22/m for 20GB, USA, 3 Websites

Ho-ost is £1.99/m for 10GB, USA/EU/UK and unlimited websites. (Shared-3)

Monthly that’s just under $30/yr. Annually it’s about $26. All in GBP however.


Business package, not including the free domain though. Can make it up to 20$/year. Drop me a pm if interested,

Will order later today — found a coupon for 50% off on annual payments. It basically brings the cost down to £9.99/year, or $17 CAD/year for SHARED-3 :slight_smile:


Quick before Michael realizes there’s an active coupon floating around out there and kills it!!! :stuck_out_tongue:



  • 50ANNUAL (for 50% on any shared package?)
  • TWITTER (for 15% on monthly payments!)
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All plans :wink:

Also the recent £1 hostballs one for Shared-1 :smiley:

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Considering you are running the server for free off your neighbors power and internet, and the server never needs maintenance, after fees and taxes you get like what 50/60 cents? divide that for an entire year it’s 4.5 cents a month. Considering a hourly pay of $6, if you spend 30 seconds readying/replying to a ticket you are already getting into negative digits.

That’s a business plan I want to see you beat in the upcoming blackfriday :wink:

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10GB in Phoenix, $10/year.
Knock yourself out.

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