Looking for an additional remote support rep!

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to hire a new remote person to work L1/L2 type of support tickets. I’m looking for someone that can work during Saturday/Sunday during main business hours (9 - 5) at minimum. The more days you want to work the better, but those are the minimum.

The perfect candidate would have:

  • Experience with cPanel and at least dabbed into Directadmin. Experience in Directadmin would be a huge plus.
  • A good handling on trouble shooting and debugging. I need someone that can work at a problem, even if it means trolling around stackoverflow.
  • A decent grasp of the english language. Other languages such as Spanish and Chinese would be a huge plus.
  • Experienced in Linux at the very least. Experience in Windows would be a major positive.

Wage will be negotiated.

Please PM me here with your resumes or just to talk things over.


Let me know when you accept interns :laughing:


@Verona Chievo, wasn’t your friend looking for smth like this?

Gl with the hunt @Francisco :slight_smile:

thanks @Ympker! may be it would be too basic for him but if he is interested into the spanish+english basic level L1 why not


I’m Canadian. I’m also looking for a transition in careers. I’m a veteran of hosting forums and just installed Dragonfly BSD on an old laptop a few weeks ago. On said laptop I also installed a Windows 3.1 VM so M$ support is live. I can setup a dedicated VOIP number for any phone support, or just anyone who wants to talk about the weather or arguing about which BSD is right to use.

I also refrained from yelling at the guy who snuck in front of the line at TSC on Saturday, so my anger issues are steadily improving. I instead noticed him afterwards in the parking lot and phoned in his truck plates to the OPP as a suspected DWI. Well… he was a “Dick While Inline”.

I digress. I will accept a salary in Canadian Tire money, PC Points or Harvey’s Gift Cards. No need to get the CRA involved here, and I keep my covid cheques. Booyaa.

Holla at your homeboy.

Hey boss,

How long would you be in for? Until COVID is over I guess?


Oh snap. Does that mean I’m hired? I knew the payment factor was the kicker. Times are tough and competition is fierce. Time for me to brush up.

man tickets
man helpdesk

Just kidding. I never prepare for work. It prepares for me. But truthfully, I’m committed to the Farm here for this season. Come November see where I’m at.

Best wishes tho.

Side note: The Canadian government’s money printer go brrr.

Not going to lie, the benefits that are being provided are quite steep, where people who lost their jobs from the pandemic are entitled to $2K/month, students $1250/month up to $2K/month and a whole host of other payouts. It’s become more lucrative for people to quite literally stay home, which can be a good and bad thing (worse off economy, but also more people maintaining distancing measures).

If your position makes less than $1K/month (the benefit only applies to those making $1000 or less per month)… I’m sure you’ll find a whole host of willing Canadians, so good luck :wink:


Crazy how far ahead you guys are… rock on Canada.

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