Looking for a new systems provider in Europe

Hello All,
Does anyone have a recommendation for a good hardware provider in Europe? We need lots of Dell and Supermicro systems as well as RAM and SSDs and everything else that goes into building servers.

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New or Refurbished? I may have some names…

Something like Bargain Hardware?

EDIT: Oh sorry, just noticed “new” :smiley:

Usually new but we do have on occasion have customers specifically ask for older generation CPUs due to budget reasons or because they like to go with a system that is proven for their application. Long story short, new and used.

Maybe check these out as well, in addition to Bargain Hardware.

No personal experience with them though.


I don’t purchase server hardware and am not in Europe, but I know Dell does a good job of selling directly. I can order whole racks of laptops from them at once. They certainly have a reliable supply chain and I think they have good support.

They also have two direct sales channels for used computers: Dell Outlet and Dell Refurbished. The Dell Refurbished channel is much more used. These are machines that are off lease.

Thank you everyone.


Yeah I know you’re set but I’m going to say you’re probably a Dell Salesperson’s dream. They’ll cut you a decent deal.

That’s true. I once negotiated 40% off a laptop.