Looking for a Few Small VPS'

Due to HostDoc closing, I need some small VPS’s with the following specs:

1 vCore
512mb+ of ram
10gb+ of space
750gb+/mo transfer @ 1gbps

In the following locations: Los Angeles, the UK, France, Canada, Germany, and Singapore. Ideally I’d like to pay less than $20/yr per server. I had all this in a resource pool. If a provider can offer one of those to make this any cheaper I will go with that as well.

If the location isn’t such an issue, BuyVM is probably your best bet (Las Vegas, Luxembourg, New York).


@turbo I can do this for you in London. Take a look at my latest offer post: HostMaxim Grand Opening Sale Extended! Premium KVM VPS hosting in Tampa, FL, and London, UK

We offer a 512MB KVM in LA for $3/mo, plus our 25% credit promo. Not quite $20/yr, but close.

@turbo we can offer a VPS in The Netherlands with the following specs:
1 CPU Core
1 TB Traffic
1 Gbps port speed
1 IPv4
/64 IPv6
18€/year (+vat if applicable - only for EU customers)

Discount code: NWF96B6X2G

Order here

Great deal.

What is your relation with LiteServer? Are they only your upstream?

@Nyr, We have our NL nodes colocated with them and yes, they are our upstream.