Looking for a Dedicated Server at a Better Price Than This

Worldstream is perfect for that, you could even have a whole bunch of cheaper dedis.

Reading your demands, I would personally go with PHP-Friends

Those are all rootservers, with dedicated cores.

Thanks! @anon40039896

How do I change the site to English? :slight_smile:

Not ideal, I know…

Just start a chat / leave a message, support speaks english :wink:

Thanks! Do you know if they allow virtualization?

Both do.

In general, when you got dedicated cores, either on dedi or kvm, they are yours.

FUP is only with shared resources (still possible with traffic for instance)

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@anon40039896 What do you think of this?

Looks good, but I have no experience with them, so I can’t tell you.

This is from 2 yrs ago, probably they got their things together by now :

@anon40039896 What do you think of NetCup?

Hmm… very good, but for mission critical stuff i’m not fully convinced yet.

Support is so so

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This is quite a good deal…

Don’t know if they support nested virtualization but they are dedicated cores.

Wasn’t it Netcup who charged for enabling nested virtualization?


Yes, if I’m not mistaken they charge per core.


PHP Friends includes VAT in the price, since I am in the USA I get them cheaper?

Yes, you do :wink:

Crazy! Sad that they have a 12 mouth commitment tho :frowning:

Tbh you are already at a very low price point for the specs you are looking at (also considering it is a dedi). I wouldn’t expect it gets much cheaper, especially without a longer commitment.


True :slight_smile:

Wasn’t meant as an offense btw. :slight_smile:
Just saying that somewhere, you need to draw the line. Cheap, or even “cheaper” without commitment is very unlikely to happen and would be a loss-leader imho.

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