Looking for a cheap storage VPS

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a cheap storage VPS. And found a 50% coupon for Interserver, are any of you a client?

I have used Interserver before, when I was not a provider at that time, all things were quite good except for support which obviously sucked. Uptime and Services were quite good!

BTW you can try Hetzner Storage Box. That’s next generation cheap and works like a charm!

I need to run bacula.
And hetzner boxes don’t allow to install anything… Or has that changed?

Yeah, well then you need to go with Interserver VPS. Hetzner only allows 5 TCP protocols with no root access! Still, Hetzner HDD servers seem to me like they were made for backups… 16TB storages at 40Euro always seems a good deal for me!

how about oracle Cloud Free Tier | Oracle or https://www.digitalocean.com/ or https://www.linode.com/ i’m not sure if it will run the software you need but I heard that it’s cheap and fast and the free tier by oracle cloud is forever free