Looking for a 23"+ Monitor - Feel Free to Post Any Good Deals You Can Find

So, in September for my dad’s birthday I plan to set him up with a HTPC and a “large” monitor (atleast 23"). Starting from now I am looking for good deals as you can never start soon enough right? (unfortunately BF is too late :S )

Use case: Office work, casual browsing, Netflix/Zattoo.

What I was thinking about was smth like this: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B074KLL7PG/?coliid=I12YRG35PJNYIX&colid=WS5N1LYYP4UP&psc=0

I am currently monitoring MyDealz, Newegg and Amazon refurbished. Anything else I should check out? If you find anything good let me know/post it here please :slight_smile:

Iiyama monitors are okay for how much you pay, though their colour accuracy is trash. Just to let you know :slight_smile:


Good to hear as I’m not familar with that brand although have read about them in magazines quite often. Not sure if my dad would notice the color accuracy though. It was mostly the price for a new monitor that got me interested. 119€ for 23,6" new monitor seems quite fair, right? Or what range €/$ would I be looking at usually for a new monitor with these kinda specs? Refurbished obviously is another story but even there if anybody can give some pointers of what would be a good price to look at that’d be great :slight_smile:

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I have a 24" 144Hz Iiyama monitor, so I’m certainly familiar with the brand :slight_smile: On the whole, it’s been a great monitor, but since I got a 4K IPS monitor, it’s become a secondary.

Personally, I always recommend going with refurbished for most technology. You can get a refurbished 24" Samsung monitor for ~€94 which is probably the best you could find (while still using reputable well-known brands).