Looking for 120GB SSD/NVMe VPS in Dallas


I need a KVM VPS with these specs:

  • 2 cores (3+ GHz)
  • 120GB SSD (NVMe preferred). It can’t be lower than this. Or 30 GB SSD/NVMe + hdd block storage.
  • 2GB RAM
  • Location: Dallas
  • Reliable, good uptime, well known companies in the low end world.
  • Price: around $10 monthly, but I can pay yearly if there is a discount. (not a hard requirement)

Thank you!

Maybe @Ryan can help?

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I saw SpeedyKVM, but I can’t pay $40/m for a VPS :sweat_smile:

Edit: @qps you haven’t had any promo for a while.

Try ImpactVPS - run by the same people as AlphaVPS (Subnetlabs).

Choose VDR4 in Dallas, yearly payment, and apply coupon NEWSITE

That will give you a nice discount, total under $106 a year.

Hook up with Alex and trade some ram and cores for extra space :wink:

I can probably get you a deal over at CatalystHost for $10/‘month send me a PM


That is 45GB SSD :stuck_out_tongue: I need 120.

Just send them a message and your 4 cores go to 2 cores and you get your 80 MB extra.

Alternatively, you can take the VDR 3 and just buy the extra space, maybe even cheaper.

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