Looking for 1000+ E3-1230 v3 or better servers

I have a customer asking us to deploy a couple thousand E3-1230 v3 to v6 (1231, 1240, 1270 etc will also work), they just can’t have a slower clock speed than E3-1230 v3. I have about 1000 of these already but need 1000 more. SuperMicro or Dell preferred. Does anyone happen to be sitting on some older systems they want to offload? Thanks in advance.

What is your delivery time? As we’ve got some here in London.

I am going to DM you some details.

I’m gonna go ahead and request pizza and beer for the team racking these.


That sounds pretty reasonable. I think I can make that happen and would be very very happy to do it.


I’m not racking any servers, but I want pizza now.

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please pizza with special topping :smiley:


Pepperoni for me, thanks.


Check ebay :slight_smile:

You can deliver the pizza to me too no worries

Hi, we can help you out!

Let us know and send an email to [email protected]

Hope to hear from you soon

If you are looking to buy these servers, and are in the eu then bargainhardware.co.uk is there. Just email them your requirements and they will be happy to help.

Thank you for this.

Oh yeah, “just” need 2000 dedis… Jesus that’s gotta be some hell of a project…

It is indeed. I will share pics if/when we end up deploying these.


Looking forward to those pics :slight_smile: