LiteSpeed Enterprice Alternative for Cpanel

As I can see, LiteSpeed is the number 1 choice for fast web servers.
But enterprise edition is expensive for start-up.

This is interesant: Litespeed servers = publishing fake benchmarks?

Can we get similar performance with Apache + LSapi, as Litespeed enterprise?

Or OpenLiteSpeed, the main problem is .httaccess support, but DA has a cron that you can run like every 3 mins and it’ll check for any changes to .htaccess files, then if it sees one it’ll reload OLS.
LSCache for WP/etc work as well
Can we do something similar with Cpanel?

Or is there any other option to get an fast web server?

If I chose Cpanel, what will be the best choice:
Apache + LSAPI
Open LiteSpeed + some cron job for .httacess
Something other?

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I thought OLS got support for .htaccess files a while back?
(AutoLoad .htaccess with OpenLiteSpeed – OpenLiteSpeed)

hmmm not sure, i found this: LiteSpeed Web Server or OpenLiteSpeed for WordPress ⋆ LiteSpeed Blog

For my money the time saved by paying cpanel for a LS license, automatically installed and perfectly integrated, has been worth it. In the past I’d always tried to save money on that front and I’d turn around and spend more time than the savings was worth.

wow that takes me back, I actually spent time arguing with someone online back in 2020. yikes.

Apache performs great when configured properly, like @nem does in ApisCP.
IIRC cPanel uses prefork and performs rather poorly … (might be wrong) …


Yup, Apache’s flexibility is its biggest downfall - that and cPanel setting expectations with configuration straight out of the 90s. Most recently had someone in the ApisCP camp turn around to sell their LiteSpeed lifetime license.

Hmm but tuned Nginx vs LiteSpeed ?

AUP. Always Use Prefork.

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is it simple to use?

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