LiteSpeed Cache or W3 Total Cache (openlitespeed)

Hello i’ve installed cyberpanel with openlitespeed and now i’m planning migrate few wordpress sites, some of them have large databases (200mb-400mb), i was using redis database cache with w3 total cache plugin on my old server (apache+nginx) and in this installation i don’t know if is better use litespeed cache plugin instead w3 total cache cuz:

1- If i use litespeed cache i need a alternative to database cache (i didn’t found any other plugin wich do that with redis)

2- If i keep using w3 total cache i don’t know if is fully compatible with openlitespeed, because adds lot of rules to htaccess file.

3- do i use both?

Use Litespeed Cache for everything it supports, and W3 Total Cache for the other features that you need. Just take care not to enable page caching / minify etc on both because it may break your site. This is what I am doing on my OLS server :slight_smile:


W3TC is a POS. LSCache all the way!

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Litespeed Cache is the way to go, also make as many parts of your blogs static as possible.

For example :

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Careful, CyberPanel is a piece of crap. So many bugs, some have quite a large impact as well…

To actually answer your question, LSCache performs better since the caching works differently.
Definitely don’t use both!

No need to, that’s what caching does.


cache enabler is love

I’d recommend to use LSCache instead of W3 Total Cache.

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just whatever you do, for the love of god keep it to 1 or 2 plugin caches. the amount of people I see with like 5+ is ridiculous


Personally, I like to load 40,000 on my 512MB service and let them duke it out.