LiquidWeb Purchases Interworx


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We’re seeing how a negative creates a positive. Sometimes a bad thing happens and a bunch of people come together to do good things that end up being better than what was before. The shared hosting industry is headed that way.


Interworx was this one panel, that existed forever but never became mainstream. It was smart decision for LW to purchase and maintain, instead of building one from scratch.


I would consider a (community supported) open source that. But paid options that are not cPanel (but still paid for and with a choice of rising prices) is not that IMO.

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More viable choices > less viable choices. Competition is good for any market.

Who bought who?

Super Ugly. Let’s hope the GUI gets a refresh.

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The GUI is indeed quite horrible. Like DirectAdmin before the facelift.

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Which gives me hope that it will be updated :wink:

I think it’s quite beautiful by 1997 standards.


It has a new ugly UI

I respectfully disagree that competition is always good - for any market. I understand your point. Still, tons of money are spent on marketing, since customers hardly ever make educated, rational choices.

In this particular case - sure, several decent control panels would probably make it very difficult to raise prices like cPanel did, without loosing the market. As long as its more than just 2, or 3 control panels - then there still is a way for them to make a (silent) agreement and all rise prices.

I’m just going to take a moment to point out that your avatar is a copyrighted instrument of Joel Hodgson. I don’t really have a position on this, but Gizmonic will always be awesome.

Don’t understand what you mean.
EDIT: I see now.

There is some visual resemblence. Mine symbolises chainring with a crank - and a letter “G” - at the same time.

Looks okay.

I wonder if they’re buying Nexcess too.

I was contacted by someone close to it all and supposedly everyone got fired at Nexcess and were overnighted new contracts to sign under Liquidweb.


Liquidweb making silent moves. Pretty impressive. Somehow they always manage to maintain super low profile (Negative and Positive way).

I still wish they would not have acquired WiredTree. Oh, I loved WiredTree back in the days.

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I realize that, but it’s still pretty much the Gizmonics logo.

It took me a few minutes the first time I saw it to realize why it was oddly familiar.

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They had a perfectly usable UI with Heliothorpe, this new theme looks like it’s missing some CSS rules. Text alignment is way off, buttons look like they’re from the 90s.