Light Theme or Dark Theme?

Would you prefer a light theme or a dark one as default?

  • Light
  • Dark

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Dark theme for sure, easier on the eyes.

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Technically it’s impossible for darker colors to be easier on your eyes, as your eyes physically require 0.00324231% more activity to observe the colors, and you brain actually requires as much as 0.00125% increased function to process it.

Oh sorry, I thought I was on the other community for a moment, felt the urge to argue about dumb stuff that I know nothing about :stuck_out_tongue:



Dark, for the night is dark and full of spoilers.
Aaand it’s more comfortable on my eyes :slight_smile:


On my mobile when I click on the likes I only see [avatar icon] likes this. Not your actual username. You might want to look into fixing that :slight_smile:

Seems a reasonable ask, will do! Discourse is a great piece of software, I see great things ahead for us by using it.

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Did I just see a realtime reply update on this post? The browser notifications are also a nice touch. I dig it.


Jeff basically built what vanilla could have been. Now I just need to work on replication, mostly with redis (I know, I know, it’s secured lol).


I opt for dark everywhere. Lots of late nights!

I prefer the Light version, I guess I’m just too used to Lightness everywhere… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not at all!!!

I tried both, but I actually prefer the light theme. It might burn out my screen a little bit faster, but that dark theme is just a little bit to Gray on Gray for me.

purple or rito

Enjoying the dark so far.


Purple would be a great fit for @Jarland

Could just plaster Taylor Swift everywhere until I get sued. Page background, header background, logo, font texture…


I am all about the dark theme.

dark seems good here :slight_smile: