Lifetime/One-time Deals Worth Considering

Just post any lifetime/one-time deals worth considering here (whether you’ve bought them or not). If you did buy any, tell us why and how your experience has been :slightly_smiling_face:


LTD for codeanywhere was a great purchase to me

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I’ve aquired the following lifetime deals which I have all found worth it so far:

VPN Unlimited Lifetime

Ivacy Lifetime (only 10 years max. I believe though; 5+5)



Windscribe Pro Lifetime (no longer available)

Affinity Designer + Photo (Adobe like software but one time payment with lifetime updates)

Malwarebytes Premium Lifetime (no longer available)

ElegantThemes (Divi)

Blesta Owned Lifetime


What’s it about? :slight_smile: Like a web based code editor? Self hosted?

Also considering getting this or smth like this soon. Is there any better/free alternative?

Also worth considering:

@Miguel DA lifetime and @Jarland deal if it comes back. Also AIO WP Migration SFTP extension.

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IntelliJ Idea Ultimate (Semi lifetime with their fallback license model)
Directadmin Lifetime
Internet Download Manager Lifetime

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As there isnt much stock available I did not bother to deactivate our lifetime deal.

Shared Hosting, 2GB SSD, unlimited domains, emails, etc.
DirectAdmin, LiteSpeed, LSCache, MailChannels, CloudLinux, Softaculous


Yes, web based ide. Its perfect for developing on remote server directly.

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Look into code-server if you want self-hosted, it’s basically Visual Studio Code in a webbrowser.


I’ve been thinking about HumCommerce but never pulled the trigger… their LTD is out there for so long… that it puts me off.

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Is it still available somewhere?

If it’s self hosted you could also give Codidad a try:

Free (iirc) and you can even live code together :slight_smile: Used it a while back^^

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Windscribe also has offered LTD very long time. But now ceased to and still going strong, improving fast.
Then again I’ve heard about Comet Cache (wp plugin) basically dead now so LTD with them wouldn’t have worked out great.

I’m thinking on getting this to manage my bookmarks across browsers.

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@Ympker check this video.

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Even with cPanel’s price increase, this is currently sustainable. Rest assured that if the numbers began to offset this, the stock would be set to 0.


it looks like a very good deal, no doubt


Tempted to give Novibuilder a spin and then perhaps get the lifetime developer license (149$) within 30 days you can upgrade and only pay the difference) for when I create sites that are not meant for WP. Iirc you also are allowed to sell the builder with the website on top so your clients can use Novibuilder :slight_smile:

Sidenote: I am still waiting for a reply from Novibuilder’s Envato author but if you only want to create Websites with it without selling the builder the Envato Regular License at 16$ could just be enough. If it indeed allows the unlimited creation of websites as long as they are shipped without the Novibuilder included I might just opt for that option as my clients don’t necessarily need to have the builder. The cool thing is also that on Codecanyon/Themeforest you always get lifetime updates with your products. So it’ll be like the basic Novibuilder license at 29$/year just without support (after first 6 months) and without the permission to ship your websites with the builder.

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Update regarding novibuilder! Seems like I’m gonna go with the 16$ unlimited sites license and will not provide the builder but still get regular Updates :slight_smile: I’ve also bought Architect HTML builder on Codecanyon a while ago which basically allows the same with the regular license :wink:

Sure, you can host the builder on local host or on remote host. You can sell unlimited number of websites you will make with the builder purchased with the regular license. However, you can not provide the builder itself to your clients.

@Ympker just came accross this on Joomla dev group. Someone proposing a Joomla Guttenberg version based on this and I thought you might be interested in looking into it.

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