[LF] VPS - Paid Yearly

Cores : 1
RAM : 512MB (256mb may be fine, but not preferred)
Disk : 5GB SSD
Port : 10mbps
Bandwidth : 50GB
IPv4 : 1
OS : CentOS7
Location : Europe or North America (Canada too)

Obviously, higher specs won’t hurt.

Looking to pay yearly.

Calling out some of the VPS providers at HostBalls
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Been scoping out options lately too for a project of mine. Here’s some of the cheap yearly KVM offers I’ve found:

PowerNodeUK - 512MB KVM - London (Telehouse North) - £15/yr - https://powernode.co.uk/virtual.html
SpeedyKVM - 256MB KVM [RAID0] - Dallas (Incero) - $18/yr - https://speedykvm.com/billing/cart.php?a=add&pid=28
SpeedyKVM - 768MB KVM - Seattle (Incero) - $19/yr - https://speedykvm.com/billing/cart.php?a=add&pid=51
WebSound - 256MB KVM - Los Angeles (Psychz) - £11/yr - https://websound.co.uk/cart.php?a=add&pid=174

Of course, there’s ArubaCloud’s 1 Euro Italian KVM as well


Hi Vovler
We can provide following:

CPU Core: 1
RAM 512 MB
Port: 100Mbps unmetered
Disk: 5GB SSD RAID 10
IPv4: 1
IPv6: /64
OS: CentOS 7
Location: Los Angeles

$21.6 per year

You can order the 512 MB VPS from https://hosteons.com/vps.php and use coupon code “INTRO20” to get price of $21.6

Looking Glass: https://lg.hosteons.com

I hope it works for you

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Take a look at Gestion DBI KVM NVMe VPS. They are available in Montreal, Canada for the moment but soon in Europe: Place new Order - Gestion DBI Inc.

Ready to add a 15% off if you pay yearly.

Let me know if you have question!

Regards, David

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Sorry, no SSD :slight_smile:

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Sorry in our initial KVM launch we are not yet offering smaller non montly packages. Perhaps when we have some space we need filled out.

Sorry to hijack - do you have a link for that ArubaCloud VPS?

Sure thing, mate. It’s the “Small” package found on this page - Virtual Servers: high-performance, secure Cloud Computing | ArubaCloud.com.

You’ll have to do ‘random allocation’, which isn’t really random, but you’ll get likely get one in one of their Italy DCs.

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I may be missing something, but it looks like £22/yr to me.

I’ll take the liberty of adding a favorite of mine in this category:

TinyKVM (RAM Host) - 256MB KVM - Los Angeles and Dallas - $15/yr - https://tinykvm.com/

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Price hike I suppose or was on a promo when posted some weeks ago. Was definitely 11 GBP at some point, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Nvm, it’s still 11 GBP. Just need to use the promo code (LEB-KVMH50) from the LEB post.

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A good deal, though I wouldn’t have thought that the promo was still on. I wonder whether one can still request double disk space as well … :thinking: