LET is down: tell me your downtime experience

Yes, I just wanted to create another thread here while somebody do “maintenance”.

How do manage downtime? Why do you think it happens in your office?

I’m going tell you my experience

In the university I work, servers are powerful, we have a small datacenter and there are not people 24/7 (we don’t need it actually). BUT the real problem is the network as we have only one carrier: Movistar, and it’s crap.
Another cause of downtime here is that staff don’t know even basic stuff of unix servers and they don’t want to learn, so when something bad happens they need to call somebody more technical than themselves. Oh, and we are “Microsoft partners”.

And in another job where happily I’m just an UI designer, we run a 24/7 service with everything in a single server :joy:

You should write for /r/nosleep.


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It doesn’t happen.

Damn it, I missed it :flushed:

Well, I hadn’t logged in to LET in a few days. Then I saw this post, and I was like, “Oh shit! @Jarland put them out of business!!!”
Then I logged in to LET, and everything was completely normal (As far as LET goes), and I was like, “Fake News!”
Moral of the story: Hostballs has cut my dependence on LET in HALF!


Take some balls every day, LET your troubles fade away.


Just like Grandma said