LET "Changes Are Coming"

Chris from ColoCrossing created a thread on LET posting:

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well, most of you know me, some probably do not. As you know I have not been active on LET in many years as my job role has changed, you also know that ColoCrossing owns and operates LEB/LET. I would be the first to admit that both properties have gone off the rails a bit the past year as we went through an acquisition and has not got the attention they deserve.

I have been a member of this community for 8 years and want nothing more than for LEB/LET to grow and be one of the top hosting forums on the internet where members can come and discuss hosting topics and learn. I have taken on the task to step in and help guide the community back in the right direction and start building it on the foundation in which it was originally built on. This will take a lot of work not only from ColoCrossing and the moderators but also the community members.

One of the largest complaints I have seen are the offers posted on LEB, and the way the offers were handled is not something I agree with. As full transparency many key members of the ColoCrossing team have been hands off of LEB/LET during the acquisition, and it is my number one priority to get the hosting offers back on track offering a wide variety of providers from all over the world and networks and not just ColoCrossing. LEB has rules for a reason, and following those rules are very important. We will no longer post offers from hosts that do not meet the criteria.

LET will also have changes coming. There will be more moderation on the way our members treat each other. I do not want to see LET become just a place for members to flame each other or hosts bashing other hosts, that is not what the forum is for. I will work with the moderators to come up and revamp the rules on LET regarding these items. By all mean the cest pit is still the cest pit so if you have something to say, say it there.

I am sure as I jump into this, more problems will be seen and more changes will be made. I do ask that you give us ( ColoCrossing and its team) time to make these changes. We stand by this community and believe in it 100%. Please keep an eye out for polls so we can get the community to vote on some items in the near future.

For those of you that already have some ideas popping into your head:

  • No I am not a moderator, I am here to help guide.
  • Yes I am here to make changes, for the best, so please do not turn this thread into a flame war or the moderators will take care of it. This is supposed to be productive, so keep it productive.

If you have any questions please PM me, I would be happy to answer them. For those of you that got this far, congrats!


@teamacc posted:

Yes, this is a planned comment. I wrote this comment in advance. No, I am not receiving anything in return for this comment.

After losing my mod tag I published the Transparency Report. After that report, I set out to write a more detailled report on the current state of LET and LEB. I sent an advance copy of it to Chris. This got his attention. So, after getting “an audience with her majesty the Chris”, I bombarded him with the things that have gone wrong with LET and LEB in the past, things that are currently wrong with LET and LEB and how to go about solving this.

Chris used the “I was not involved in that” argument a lot. That does not matter, as it was ColoCrossing as a whole that should’ve paid more attention to LET and LEB, and should’ve tried fixing it way earlier. I do not care whose fault the current state of the sites is. The point is that the sites might actually get the attention they deserve from our corporate overlords. I’ll join the dark side for this (or at least I’ll take a break from bombing their bases), as long as it gets fixed properly. As such, I am a pro-ponent of this announcement, and would like to ask anyone doubting the intentions of ColoCrossing to just wait and see.

I too am skeptical about this announcement and the actions that might be taken. If they screw it up, I’ll be there with you lighting the torches. If not, then then world of LowEnd just became a little bit better. And in the end, that’s all that matters.

So here I am, skeptically awaiting if the sunshine and rainbows outlined above are indeed going to happen. At the very least it can’t get much worse. With regards to the actual content of the announcement, I’d welcome more transparency with regards to the offers on LEB, most notably from a financial point of view. But for now, baby steps.

Seems…interesting. I visit there once a week (at most), and the thread caught my eye. Could be good, probably isn’t.


Chris makes Jon look trustworthy, and I wouldn’t trust Jon with a dead skunk.


I… I’m not sure about this. I’m trying to be optimistic, but it’s super hard for me to believe that CC won’t silently forget about the community after week or two after implementing the “changes” they want to make, just like it happened right after CC acquisition by Deluxe. I don’t think having CC’s attention is good either - for the next few weeks there might be much more string pulling happening in the back than when they were absent.


You’d have to ban half the “community” to fix it so good luck, lol.


As enjoyable as it may be to go to a negative place in response to this, I encourage you all to wish them the best. It costs nothing to do so, and even if you have negative expectations you know this isn’t within your control anyway.





Several of us left of our own free will. Oh, wait, no


I did teeheehee

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I’m hopeful, but skeptical. I think we can all agree the overall environment has become pretty hostile and gets heated in a thread pretty darn quick, so I’m not opposed to some civility returning. And at least now there’s been some acknowledgement of LEB being a glaring issue that needs to be set back on the right course.


So you are not Chris nor John?

Is “nor” used correctly?


Sure, or and nor both work, although or in this case is more grammatically acceptable in American English.


Yes. I am neither Chris, nor Jon.

I am WSS!

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I get everything I need from this site, I left and closed my account on LET and can’t really see the value in going back… Still I hope it becomes the site that attracted Low End users when the market was new and the community genuinely looked out for each other


I predict there are no real or visible changes happening at all.

from my experience communities have their own evolution process and the people in charge can control only as much as they are capable of changing and controlling themselves.

I still like LET for it’s so called toxicity, which I believe for the most time it’s just real human nature on display and sometimes worth to be looked at…

IMHO people are overestimating their importance to the world all the time and that’s even more true for places like LET :wink:


IMHO people are overestimating their importance to the world all the time and that’s even more true for places like LET

So true. I hope we can all be more humble and vulnerable here than most other places. It’s not hard to find places to let the rest of our nature fly.


Most important is for you and your loved ones to feel safe, healthy and content.

All the rest is just make believe.

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Welp, I’m not going camping with you now.