LEMP Stack Nginx Benchmarks Centmin Mod, EasyEngine, Webinoly, VestaCP, OneInStack

Ran some Nginx static HTML benchmarks + Nginx HTTP/2 HTTPS benchmarks using my forked wrk load testing tool, wrk-cmm and nghttp2’s h2load HTTP/2 HTTPS load testing tool for comparing several LEMP stack’s Nginx web server offerings from Centmin Mod, EasyEngine, Webinoly, VestaCP, and OneInStack.

The basic take away from the results is that not all Nginx web servers are created equal and non-HTTPS and HTTPS performance can vary between Nginx web servers :smiley:

Following configurations tested on ssdnode’s 4 CPU KVM VPS with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and LXD containers for * CentOS 7.5 64bit, Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 LTS.

  • Centmin Mod 123.09beta01 Nginx 1.15.0 on CentOS 7.5 64bit at default gzip compression level 5 and custom level 6 and level 9
  • Easyengine 3.8.1 using Nginx 1.14.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS at default gzip compression level 6
  • Webinoly 1.4.3 using Nginx 1.14.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS at default gzip compression level 6
  • VestaCP 0.9.8-21 using Nginx 1.15.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS at default gzip compression level 9
  • OneInStack 1.7 Standard Nginx 1.14.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS at default gzip compression level 6
  • OneInStack 1.7 OpenResty Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS at default gzip compression level 6


Testing higher 1000 user concurrency and Nginx thread scaling from 1 to 2 threads https://community.centminmod.com/posts/64258/


comparison of Nginx idle server resource usage https://community.centminmod.com/posts/64264/

I think it’s time for you to make a web based control panel and sell it. You are, hands down, the master at web server optimization lol


I still don’t know why my SSDNodes server performed so bad :frowning:

Legit. If you made a web panel, I would switch my consumer-facing servers to it in a heartbeat.


thanks, my strengths are in the backend. Frontend gui not so much - though if a gui panel ever came about, it will get all that I know pured into it :slight_smile:

maybe bad luck getting host node that was bad ?


next up will be comparing LEMP stack’s php-fpm performance :slight_smile:

Are you still planning to give OLS some love?

Yup on to do list 123.09beta01 Development Previews & Work · GitHub

Started PHP tests https://community.centminmod.com/threads/14988/ :slight_smile:


FYI, PHP-FPM comparison benchmarks are in for both low and high concurrency load testing https://community.centminmod.com/threads/14988/ :slight_smile:

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round 1 Nginx HTTP/2 testing is still ongoing. This time Nginx HTTP/2 HTTPS latency response times with nghttp2 comparisons for Centmin Mod vs EasyEngine vs Webinoly vs VestaCP vs OneInStack https://community.centminmod.com/posts/64615/

This is HTTP/2 latency processing times for a single request for respective LEMP stack’s Nginx HTTP/2 performance. You can clearly see why Centmin Mod Nginx has done so well in HTTP/2 tests done so far :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to switch PHP versions without reinstalling them? Id like to make a panel for centminmod

Need to recompile PHP-FPM if you want to get same performance as main PHP-FPM offered by Centmin Mod 123.09beta01. But there’s plans for multiple PHP-FPM versions just that only main PHP-FPM is source compiled while other PHP-FPM versions are via Remi YUM repo - preview demo of multiple PHP-FPM versions at https://community.centminmod.com/threads/addons-php71-sh-multiple-php-fpm-versions-work-preview.11900/

which is listed on official dev dashboard under ‘in progress’ 123.09beta01 Development Previews & Work · GitHub :slight_smile:

started on PHP 7.3 too

Hi. I tried out centminmod and so far so good. Just wanted to chime in and say nice work. This board led me to it! I’m still learning where the file locations all go and such, and where to forbid things like rainloop’s data directory. Thanks for your efforts!

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thanks for kind words… for file locations etc Centmin Mod Configuration Files - CentminMod.com LEMP Nginx web stack for CentOS

Has anyone started to make a web panel for this yet? My company would be interested in doing so if not.

I really want to make one, but don’t have time, so I’ll just pass.

We could work on it together?

Sure, we can try. Pm’ing you my skype

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Start adding UI / GUI and the vulnerabilities will surely start to pop everywhere. Leave it like it is, console based, only accessible through SSH.

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