Large Storage VPSs

I’m looking for providers of 2TB+ storage VPS.

Don’t need much CPU, but quite a lot of bandwidth (at least 10x the space).

I have the feeling I’m going to end up having to get a few dedis at Hetzner…


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what is your budget for this ?
at somepoint I need a storage backup server too might be able to buy hetzner server and give you some ?

Well, I’ll need a few of these, long-term, so while I know you’re an established provider, I’m trying to avoid ordering them one at a time - I’d prefer to order many of them from the same provider.

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No nonsense solution: a 10TB Hetzner storage box, connected to multiple CX11 VPSes (cost per 2TB with 20TB bandwidth will come to less than 12 dollars). Of course, if you can use cloud storage, that cost could go down significantly…

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hello @API - I maintain a list of some reasonably-priced storage VPS deals: (a project originally started by @Mason a few years ago)

It might be good to provide moar details about your requirements other than bandwitch to help narrow down suggestions

for instance if Los Angeles or Las Vegas might work for you, then check with and - both of these provide expandable block storage and should be able to accommodate more bandwidth by request. sometimes offers affordable Atom dedis with 2 TB HDD in Dallas does some interesting storage deals in various locations at least once a year (though no currently discounted offers as far as I know)

in Europe, I usually look to (if reliability is required), also and - and for more adventurous possibilities, Hostsolutions.robandwitch! :scream:

Someone may also mention Hetzner :slight_smile: and could have something suitable for you as well


and so on …


Pick one up :slight_smile: