L3 Whitelabel Ticket Support

Hi guys,

We’re about to launch a new service targeted to Providers and I’d like to know your interest.

It basically consists on Whitelabel Ticket Support, L3, provided by me for the following GMT shift: 10AM-6PM (Mon-Fri)

  • L3 Ticket Support (applicable to L1, L2, L3, Sales, Billing);
  • cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, SolusVM, Virtualizor or custom software;
  • Limit of 60 tickets per day, that’s 1320 tickets per month limit.

This’ll cost 1000€ per month. In case you’d need weekends too, it’d be an additional 400€.

Would it be of any interest to any providers here?
We can also accommodate smaller, or bigger ticket quantities.


How about a smaller plan with say half (or less) the ticket limit per day? It’s always nice to offer multiple options…
Anyways, the idea is great, hope it works out for you.

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Thank you!

Can do half the cost for half the tickets certainly! :slight_smile:

Honestly though why I would I as a provider would want to go with you vs. “per ticket” or “ticket packages” providers who are “armed” with 24x7x365.25 staffing and some actually equipped with REAL offices and powerful and redundant internet and power feeds? Along with UPS and generators? Plus actual SLAs?

If you can sell yourself apart from those guys maybe it worth it for those providers looking for values other than what’s the competition have to offers.

Everybody has to start somewhere! I don’t think having real offices make that big of a difference. A lot of tech companies rely on remote workers, and tracking support is easy as hell so there’s no real argument for workers slacking off or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

This isn’t a particular area that I’ve invested much time into researching, but I know that Miguel has experience here. Plus, realistically, if you have clients that require urgent 24/7x365 support, of course you’re not going to invest in a small company like this. That’s clearly not the target market, which is made evident by the available hours provided.

Indeed they do but what I am saying is “WHY” would a reputable provider would want his services over theirs? Considering that some offers packages as low as $30-$250 depending on the qualities, SLA, hours, etc.

It’s possible to be a “small player” and make it out however you still gotta market yourself on WHY would anyone choose you/your services over someone’s else. If they can tell themselves apart from the competition then they may have a mean to get out there and convince some forms of reputable providers to use his services.

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Isn’t Indian support far cheaper?

Also far worse…

Don’t think average customers care. All they want is some sort of instant response. Whether it actually solves their issues or not, they tend to forget soon after.

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I seen average ticket rates being $2.50-$5/each with those minimum volume purchases. Though it not unheard of a ticket being as much as $10 though. Beyond that I haven’t seen any reputable appearing 3rd parties charging more than that for a end user ticket.

Problem is you can pay that 1000EUR to an individual in any Balkan/Eastern European country, and they will pump out plenty more than 60 tickets per day. And quality will be consistent because it’s a single individual.

I think this is a standard whitelabel support service, but your limits are pretty low. I’d personally clear hundreds of tickets per day a couple years ago. A way to tackle this might be for you to offer differing limits for each tier (L1/L2/L3).

Good luck!

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Not really - good freelancers out there will want more for full time support.

Official average salaries are indeed low out there, but anybody with any skill in IT + English language can get more even from domestic companies.


It’s really depends on the SLA and/or working agreements. Full time is just a PART of this. It just says that you are expected to be “on call” for ~40 hours a week.

Your not going to get full time person for a 15 minutes SLA responses and an hour of resolution times max. But could you realistically get someone for considerably longer SLAs and lenient agreements? Surely you can.

It’s just like getting a ~$200 web design job vs. a $1,000+ job. They will both offer a design to boot, but time frames, service level, SLAs, etc will be vastly differences if they even exists.

Thank you for the opinions here. I appreciate. Those who know my work do value it though. I will think on the plans to create.

You are welcome, there also the matter of marketing of course. For people who “didn’t experienced your work” why your work is “better” than the competition.

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I only spoke from experience, but I agree, however not by much. Do you mean they could get more working within their country? I don’t believe so… I know doctors and engineers in the Balkans and even Italy who are being paid <€1200/m. Not that I’m complaining on their behalf, considering cost of living that’s fine.

Companies that want to outsource but pay better wages would just go with an American, Brit, Aussie, etc. The companies exclusively outsourcing to lower income regions are not paying close to €1000 for 60 tickets/day… tho I suppose the quality shows.

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High quality support and proper L3 so the owner can rest while being assured it is all being handled, does cost money.
As per my usual full time, excluding weekends, average payment was 3000+ EUR, minimum. Had companies paying far more.

While there is much cheaper out sourced supported, cheap often comes at a cost.

However, I do understand that the plan I designed wont suit most companies, at least the ones I am targetting so I need to adapt. I will definitely do some changes and propose several, different plans to suit most needs! :grin: :+1:

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Having worked with Miguel in the past, I can tell you that he’s worked with a wide range of hardware, and is quite versed in OVZ and KVM services.


@Miguel Have to agree! though not necessary to be the case always!

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yes, nice

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